Transgender Teen Arrested After Threatening Killing Spree in Colorado

At the end of March, a 28-year-old transgender person named Audrey Hale entered Covenant Christian School in Nashville and killed three kids and three adults.

The attack ignited a debate about the growing transgender extremism that has been taking place and attacks on Christians.

Hale was shot dead in the Nashville police response to the attack, but now, another transgender individual has been arrested for threatening a mass shooting in Colorado.

Trans Teen Arrested After Threats

A transgender teen has been arrested after threatening mass shootings at multiple Colorado Springs churches and schools.

Law enforcement officials made the arrest after identifying the suspect taking part in a communist rally. To date, little is known of the individual arrested in Colorado.

The name of the inmate was not released, but we do know this is a 19-year-old individual named William Whitworth, who identifies as transgender.

The suspect is a  biological man who currently uses a female name “Lily,” different from the one registered in the notary’s office, which is William.

Thanks to a complaint to 911 emergency services from a family member, police became aware of the atrocities the suspect was about to commit.

What Was Planned?

Whitworth had plotted a massacre at various local institutions which he wrote about in a sick manifesto. Thankfully, his family member found out and reported him.

Among them were the schools:

  • Pine Creek High School
  • Prairie Hills Elementary
  • Timberview Middle School

Whitworth also planned to shoot up a number of local Christian churches, which have not been named. After receiving a complaint, the police went to the address of the young man.

The house reportedly looked like a real dump with bits of food scattered everywhere, numerous empty bottles of alcoholic beverages, a very bad smell, and mold all over the place.

Police said it was difficult to enter the house and arrest the young man, due to the filth.

The disturbed young man had torn off the doors and made holes in the walls creating kinds of passages from one room to another since the hallways were blocked by trash and garbage.

Horrific Plans

The police questioned Whitworth about whether the complaint made sense to him about his planning to kill people. He reportedly agreed by nodding his head as a sign of yes.

In the house, the police also found several proofs of the shootings that the young man was planning to commit. The young man remains in prison and will have to answer for crimes of planning first-degree homicide.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.