Transgenderists More Sacred than Kids, Crazy Democrat Arguments Claim

Transgender individuals seem to be far more sacred than children in today’s United States, at least as far as Democrats are concerned.

There was a state legislature bill in which Democrats tried to block bigger punishments for indecent exposure before minors, out of fears that could lead to the prohibition of drag shows.

Transgendrism Cult

The transgenderism insanity in this nation is just going from bad to worse.

The not-so-secret goal is to destroy the fabric of the American family and society, to constantly harass and terrorize the good people of the United States into submitting to a Marxist-Communist dictatorship.

One of the fresh examples of this agenda-driven madness became a vote in Colorado’s state legislature. Most Democrats sought to stop a bill introducing harsher punishments for sickos exposing themselves before children, Fox News reports.

The vicious, thoroughly insane argument was the law could lead to a ban on drag shows.

Yet Another Case of Insanity

The bill in question, HB23-1135, was originally sponsored by Democrats; it sought to change penalties for indecent exposure to minors from a misdemeanor to a felony.

The bill was adopted by the Colorado state House of Representatives, but only thanks to the fact that all Republicans in the chamber voted in its favor. At the same time, 27 out of a total of 46 state House Democrats voted against the bill proposed by their own party.

Their argument was, apparently, in their sick minds, transgenderism and drag shows are far more sacred than anything else, children included. The most outspoken of that cohort was state Rep. Leslie Herod, a representative of a Denver district since 2017.

She argued the bill’s language was similar to legislation in other states that “targeted” transgenderism, its holy drag shows, and “gender-based” restroom use.

Herod’s arguments were a sickening tirade in favor of the trans-Marxist ideology, which is horrible to even consider. Earlier this year, the passionate transgenderist made a bid for Denver mayor, luckily, a failed one.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.