Trouble At The Vice President’s Office – Staff Complaining About Being Mistreated

In a breaking story by Politico, Vice President Kamala Harris’s employees are mistreated to the point of like “s**t” and operate in a hostile atmosphere. It reminds us of Megan, the Duchess of Sussex, and the reports of her mistreatment of staff.

Staff Report Scapegoating

When there seems to be a mistakes, staff members are reportedly thrown under the bus; there are quick tempers, and it’s an aggressive workplace, according to an employee with firsthand experience of Harris’ workplace.

It’s not a wholesome workplace, and people are frequently treated unfairly. It’s not an office where people feel appreciated, but rather a place where they’re regarded as scum.

The anger appears to be focused on Tina Flournoy, Harris’ top aide, who’s been in her role for roughly 6 months, according to the story. Flournoy does have notoriety among White House officials for being aggressive, unwilling to distribute work, and distrusting others.

Employees also claim that Flournoy refuses to accept accountability for sensitive situations and instead blames them for the unfavorable outcomes.

The employees aren’t just upset with Flournoy; they’ve also told Politico that Harris is to blame for the way her department is operated. One member of staff stated, that it all starts at the top.

Dozens of Friends And Employees Back up the Claims

According to Politico, 22 active and retired vice presidential staffers, government officials, and friends of Harris and Biden reported a hostile and often depressing office environment in conversations.

According to staffers and supporters, Flournoy has meanwhile produced an isolated climate where suggestions are rejected or dismissed harshly, and choices are drawn out in an obvious attempt to safeguard Harris.

Symone Sanders, Harris’ top adviser and top spokesman, disputed the allegations and moved the focus to race and gender; Sanders claimed that Flournoy has an open door and also that black women like herself will not be able to work in Washington if it weren’t for Tina.

However, the administration’s own staff is allegedly worried about how Harris’ employees are handled; leading workers Karly Satkowiak and Gabrielle DeFranceschi recently left Harris’ department.

The feud appears to have erupted after previous President Trump stated that he will tour the borderline crisis, a duty Harris had failed to fulfill since being appointed by President Joe Biden.

According to Politico Harris eventually wanted to visit El Paso, although her staff emphasized that it’s not in reaction to her opponents. Some staffers and companions, on the other hand, thought it was clear she was choosing to downplay the media; in so doing, Harris may well have aided in the confirmation of the right-wing propaganda machine against them.

According to Top Aide to the Presidency Anita Dunn, it was a tightly guarded secret; there may have been people whose sentiments were wounded on her staff because they’re not included in the debate. 

However, any claims it was mismanaged or held a mystery from those who wanted to understand about preparations or wish to learn about it are completely false.