Troubles Arise​ Behind the Scenes of Sanders’ Campaign

Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign has had its fair amount of complications behind the scenes. Earlier this year, Sanders landed in hot water for paying his staffers poverty wages, whilst campaigning on a federal $15.00 per hour minimum wage. After immense backlash, Sanders finally announced that he would pay his staffers $15.00 per hour, with the caveat of reducing their hours.

Now, the Washington Examiner documents that Sanders has struggled to maintain various staff members, including a deputy field director and senior adviser. The 2020 Democrat’s greatest struggles with retaining staffers are taking place in New Hampshire and Iowa. These issues behind the scenes of Sanders’ presidential campaign comes as he trails behind Joe Biden and remains in a virtual tie with Elizabeth Warren.

A Closer Look at Sanders’ Problems with Maintaining Staffers

Apparently, subpar communications and incompatible personalities are responsible for Sanders’ notable loss of campaign aides. It’s also worth noting that many of Sanders’ workers resigned from his campaign earlier this year, following the aforementioned grievances of poverty wages.

Yesterday, Sanders’ campaign stated that Kevin Lata, a deputy field director, quit working for the 2020 candidate months ago. Quite frankly, this pattern of Sanders failing to work well with people is very telling. If he’s not able to retain staffers who work for his presidential campaign, why should anyone think he’ll do a better job at running his own White House administration?

It’s also worth noting that towards the beginning of this year, Sanders was forced to issue an apology to female aides who worked with him in 2016 and alleged experiences of harassment and sexism.

See for yourself:

The True Character of Bernie Sanders

You can learn a lot about someone when observing the commentary of individuals who have worked with them. In the cases of Sanders, he has habitually had issues with staffers, not just in this current presidential election, but in the 2016 election also.

Like many Democrats, Sanders’ political brand depends upon painting himself as morally superior. The soundbites about fighting for working people and standing up to “billionaires” are all show and fanfare. Instead of taking rehearsed speeches as gospel, people should start asking themselves why Bernie Sanders continues to have poor outcomes with folks who work for him.

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