Trump Could Be Criminally Charged By the Justice Department

Yesterday, the January 6 committee gathered for its final hearing. In so doing, the committee also determined that former President Trump committed a series of crimes.

The crimes that the committee is alleging include conspiracy to defraud the United States, obstruction, conspiracy to commit an insurrection, and conspiracy to make false statements.

After the January 6 committee came out and urged the Justice Department to bring these charges against the former president, Trump responded. Predictably, Trump posted on Truth Social that he’s been unfairly targeted and maligned.

Though the question in the minds of many Americans now deals with whether or not the Justice Department is actually going to charge Trump, as reported by DNYUZ.

Looking at All the Facts

Right now, the Justice Department is already conducting legal reviews into Trump. This pertains to his handling of classified documents after leaving the White House, among other things.

Though as far as the January 6 committee’s recommendations go, the Justice Department has the option of heeding its advice or disregarding it entirely. Attorney General Merrick Garland has stated before that no person is above the law.

Right now, when it comes to potential charges being brought against Trump, this is a wait-and-see period. The Department of Justice hasn’t confirmed or denied anything yet.

However, the reccomendations from the January 6 commtee went viral on Monday with Americans weighing in.

Most people who don’t care for the former president believe these charges (and possibly others) are warranted. Though folks in the pro-Trump camp almost universally wrote off these charges as politically-motivated and ultimately baseless.

The 2024 presidential election

An insurrection charge could potentially stop the former president for running from office. Right now, Democrats in the House of Representatives have already put togehter legislation that would bar Trump from a presidential run under the 14th Amendment.

This, too, seems unlikely to make it through Congress in time, seeing as the House of Representatives is soon going to be under Republican control.

Nevertheless, Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign hasn’t been going very well for him at all. There is still a real possibility that even if he is allowed to run, he could lose in the GOP primary election against somone like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Polls also show Trump losing to Biden again in a 2024 general election, should he become the Republican nominee.

What do you make of the charges that the January 6 committee is recommending the Justice Department bring against former President Trump? Do you believe the Department of Justice is going to take the advice of the January committee or not?

We welcome you to use the comments area below as a sounding board for your thoughts, predictions, and feedback on what will ultimately end up happening next.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.