Trump Enemy Gets What He Deserves: Starbucks Job

A former executive turned enemy of former President Trump, who tried to present himself as a whistleblower, has fallen down hard. He found himself forced to work at Starbucks after previously being on the road to becoming a millionaire, a report reveals.

From Truth Social VP Back to Barista Basics

Karma is usually right – as exemplified by the case of Will Wilkerson, 38, a former senior executive of Trump’s social media company, Truth Social. He tried to rat out Trump to the feds as an alleged whistleblower.

A report by The Gateway Pundit points out that Wilkerson “made a fortune” from the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) which runs Trusth Social.

Yet, the fake “whistleblower” gave some 150,000 internal documents, including contacts and emails, to federal and state investigators and to the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Biden administration.

As a result, Wilkerson is now working at a Starbucks coffee house in North Carolina where he makes $16 an hour; whereas at Truth Social, with his salary and stock options, he was about to become a millionaire.

Trump axed the former executive overseeing Truth Social’s growth as soon as he found that Wilkerson was “scheming” with the Biden regime. That occurred six months ago.

However, the failed whistleblower’s misfortunes don’t end there. Devin Nunes, the former congressman who is the social media platform’s CEO, is suing him for defamation.

‘Big Threat’ to Trump’s Social Media

A Daily Mail report details that Wilkerson went from being a vice president of operations at TMTG to working as a Starbucks barista trainer.

The misguided man decided to become a “whistleblower” after he thought investors in Truth Social faced the risk of losing their investments.

Wilkerson has now become what is described as a “federally-protected whistleblower” after he contacted investigators in Florida and New York.

The Trump enemy says managers refuse to hire him because of all “the drama” around him. He went back to being a barista at Stackbucks after previously working the job in his 20s.

Wilkerson, who is described by WaPo as one of the greatest threats to Truth Social, now works a 5:30 am shift at a coffee house inside a Harris Teeter grocery store.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.