Trump Family Reacts to Lawsuit Against Them From New York AG

On Wednesday, New York Attorney General Letitia James disclosed a lawsuit against ex-President Trump, his three eldest children (Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric), the Trump Organization, and various officials connected to the business.

In announcing this suit, James contended that the Trumps committed fraud and other business crimes to enrich themselves. As such, the attorney general is pushing for the Trumps to suffer penalties of no less than $250 million.

James likewise claims this lawsuit against the Trumps comes after years of investigations, conversations with various witnesses, and the oversight of documents.

However, the Trump family is pushing back against this lawsuit, as documented by Newsmax.

Response From the Trump Family

Taking to social media, former President Trump said the New York attorney general’s lawsuit isn’t about the law, but rather a witch hunt. Trump also warned that James was racist and motivated to target him for reasons not including criminal activity on his part.

Don Jr. reacted to the news of the lawsuit by sharing various video footage of James saying she’d make it her business to go after Trump upon becoming attorney general. The former president’s eldest son then warned that James is politically motivated to malign the Trump family.

Eric Trump, the second eldest son, also shared videos of James declaring she’d target Trump while in office.

In addition to writing off the New York attorney general as corrupt, the former first son likewise pointed out that her suit against his family comes less than 50 days ahead of her election.

Thus far, there has been no public comment from Ivanka Trump regarding James’ lawsuit.

Response From the American People

The general public’s reaction to this lawsuit falls along partisan lines, as most folks might expect it to.

Individuals who like former President Trump largely agree the New York attorney general’s lawsuit is politically charged and not motivated by any wrongdoing of Trump or his family.

Folks who do not care for the former president, predictably, are celebrating the lawsuit. Social media has been ablaze with these people saying the lawsuit is a long time coming and hoping it results in Trump and his children being incarcerated.

At this point, time will tell what becomes of the lawsuit. Attorneys representing Trump have been clear they’re ready to find back and prove the innocence of the former president and his family.

James’ lawsuit announcement comes as the former president remains involved in legal issues regarding documents confiscated from his Mar-a-Lago residence by the FBI.

What do you think about the lawsuit the New York attorney general is bringing against the Trump family? Feel free to share with us in the comments area if you believe this legal action is legitimately warranted or politically charged.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.