Trump Hints At 2024, Dedicates Millions To Help The GOP

Former President Donald Trump’s political action committee revealed plans to invest in key congressional elections prior to the midterms. 

AdImpact, an ad tracking business, said Trump’s newly established MAGA Inc. super PAC plans to spend billions of dollars in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Arizona. A source says the PAC will also engage in Georgia and Nevada. 

Trump 2024?

AdImpact reports the super PAC booked $1 million in Arizona tv time on Friday. Ads will begin broadcasting Saturday. AdImpact said Thursday’s bookings in Ohio and Pennsylvania totaled $1.34 million and $829,000, respectively.

MAGA Inc. spokesperson Steven Cheung wouldn’t specify how much more Trump planned to spend. He stated they wouldn’t announce the purchase, but it’s big. 

The super PAC’s first two advertisements are negative, targeting Trump-backed candidates’ Democratic opponents. First, John Fetterman, a Democrat competing against Mehmet Oz, is portrayed as soft on crime. 

The commercial calls Fetterman “dangerous” for wanting to bring back killers, armed robbers, and rapists. 

“Donald Trump” by Gage Skidmore

Trump continues to tease a 2024 presidential candidacy, assuring fans at a rally in Warren, Michigan, last Saturday that big things are coming. He said they’ll be happy. First, the GOP must score a historic triumph in November.

Some congressmen believe Democrats are going all-in to derail Trump.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) warns the Democrat-led panel investigating the Capitol incident last January is a “political operation” to stop Trump from competing in 2024. 

Jordan claimed 11 Americans who applied to hold a Trump rally were subpoenaed. The government granted it, so the January 6 committee wants to examine their First Amendment right to assemble. 

The question is, why would they summon Jordan if he made that statement? He did nothing illegal by contacting the president. He thinks it’s a ruse to attack Trump. 

Everyone in the country perceives this as political, he continued. This targets Trump so he won’t run again. 

Joe Biden received more terrible news. Biden’s approval ratings are dropping and the majority of Democrat supporters say the party should replace him in 2024. 

Polling and Surveys

ABC News reports registered voters are split 47%-46% amongst the Republican and Democratic candidates in their House district, not enough to prevent usual first-midterm losses. One likely voter model splits 51%-46% Republican-Democratic. 

35% of Dems and Democratic-leaning centrists want Biden for 2024; 56% want someone else. Republicans and GOP-leaning independents are 50-50 on whether Trump should be their 2024 nominee, a 20-point decrease from 2020. 

In a rematch, Biden and Trump were tied by 48%-46%. Registered voters are 46%-48%. 53% of voters disapprove of Biden’s job performance. 

Biden’s approval rating on the economy is 36%, while 57% disapprove. Biden’s poor polling is negative for Democrats hoping to hold the Senate and House. 

As the midterm elections get near, the poll indicated the economy, particularly inflation, remains the top concern for voters. Immigration (8%) and crime (8%) come next.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.