Trump Intervenes to Prevent Government Shutdown

"Operation Warp Speed Vaccine Event" (Public Domain) by The White House

Time of the essence, especially when it comes to the business of the federal government.

At this time, Congress remains in negotiations over the provision of a new stimulus package for the American people. The White House has made a proposal which would provide $600 stimulus checks to applicable citizens; however, Republicans and Democrats have a very different outlook on the White House’s offer.

“Operation Warp Speed Vaccine Event” (Public Domain) by The White House

The GOP remains largely in favor of the proposal, while Democrats claim that it’s simply not enough. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle also maintain that they will continue with negotiations until an agreement is made.

Meanwhile, most Americans aren’t aware that the government was in the line of fire for a shutdown. Thankfully, President Trump held this off by signing a seven-day stopgap for the federal government’s budget, confirms Newsmax.

What to Know About the Stopgap

President Trump signed the budget stopgap for the U.S. federal government yesterday evening; this took place mere hours ahead of the cutoff point of the government’s funding. Now, because of the budget stopgap, the federal government can proceed with work to provide a stimulus package for the American people.

Right now, disagreements over COVID-19 relief aid for the American public continues to hold up Congress. Some lawmakers have suggested that negotiations may very well continue beyond the Christmas holiday; meanwhile, Americans are suffering now, especially as states revert back to curfews, shutdowns, and shelter-in-place directives.

Partisan Bickering Over Aid for Americans

At this time, the majority of congressional Republicans and Democrats are pointing the finger at one another.

The GOP maintains that Democrats are sitting on funds and refusing to release them for political reasons; meanwhile, Democrats charge that Republicans need to include in relief packages bailout money for different state and local governments.

Congressional GOP members have consistently accused Democrats of using the COVID-19 crisis — and need for subsequent relief — to include far-left policies with no relation to the virus whatsoever. Democrats, of course, dispute these claims.

Time will ultimately determine whether or not Congress manages to successfully reach an agreement on a stimulus package to assist countless struggling Americans.

Do you think President Trump’s signed budget stopgap will give Congress enough time to complete negotiations on COVID-19 relief for the country? How long do you see this process taking? Let us know what you think down in the comments section below!