Trump Jumps in to Salvage the US Relationship With Ukraine

"Donald Trump" by Gage Skidmore

In a recent post on his social media network Truth Social, Trump shared his worries about the Biden administration and their lack of commitment to stopping the neverending slaughter that’s currently happening in Ukraine.

Trump also added he was concerned about the Nord Pipeline failures actually being government-orchestrated sabotage, claiming the gas pipeline dispute could easily bring about escalations in Europe.

“Donald Trump” by Gage Skidmore

With Biden refusing to act, it’s up to others to worry about war in Ukraine

Trump also added while the Florida hurricane story is certainly a pressing matter, the Nord Stream 1 and 2 Russian gas pipelines being shut off completely is bound to have a much greater impact in the long run.

According to several global news sources, the Nord Stream 2 leak was originally spotted in the Baltic Sea, an entire kilometer below the water’s surface.

Even though Nord Stream was never officially online, soon followed “damages” to Nord Stream 1, which is a crucial gas pipeline leading from Russia to Germany.

Some Russian officials tried to spin the story in a different direction, claiming Nord Stream 1 was originally shut down for routine maintenance.

This was hindered by the West’s sanctions on Russia, leading many to believe the “leak” was orchestrated by Putin himself to fire back at the EU.

While there’s definitely been some talk about the pipeline failures being “sabotage,“ no official source confirmed that information, leaving everything to speculation once again.

This didn’t stop Tucker Carlson from tearing into Joe Biden and putting the blame on him.

Biden vowed to destroy Nord Stream 2 almost a year ago

In fact, during his Tuesday show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the host pointed out Biden hinted at blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines several times in the past, with one of the clips from February 7th confirming his claims.

During the interview, Biden said if Russia would choose to invade, Nord Stream 2 wouldn’t be long for this world and we will bring an end to it.

Even though Biden has an entire portfolio of gaffes, this statement was delivered perfectly and deliberately, practically “confirming” the White House had something to do with the pipeline “leak.”

Trump’s original post on the topic wasn’t the last either; the former president declared the entire world could be at stake if things escalate, which is still a viable option.

Despite what he initially said back in February, it’s evident Biden failed to protect Ukraine from Putin, increasing Trump’s worries we may have World War III on our hands if the Ukraine-Russia situation spirals out of control.

Hilariously enough, Trump would be the perfect man for the job. Regardless of how much shade mainstream media throws at him, it’s hard to deny his peacemaking and communication skills are a thing to behold.

One could even add his actions aren’t politically motivated in the slightest. Trump is willing to have Biden himself be the middle man between Russia and Ukraine, so long as it will offset the looming threat of World War III.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.