Trump Loyalists Want Him to Stay Away From Georgia Runoffs

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who served in the Trump administration, suggested that Donald Trump must not campaign in Georgia runoff elections.

Instead of Trump, McEnany noted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis should come forward to campaign for Republican candidate Herschel Walker.

Pro-Trump Republicans Backtrack

McEnany is considered a Trump loyalist in the Republican Party. Yet, her remarks reveal even pro-Trump people believe the former president is hurting the chances of Republican candidates in the elections.

On her show “Outnumbered,” McEnany said that Republicans should direct all their energy to help Walker win his Senate runoff election on December 6.

Furthermore, McEnany argued many people have now started talking about the 2024 election, but everyone should remember the 2022 elections are not over yet. Republicans have an excellent opportunity to crush Biden’s agenda by winning the Georgia Senate race.

In addition to that, McEnany suggested Trump should not announce his 2024 presidential election run at the moment. Trump is expected to announce his presidential election campaign on November 15.

McEnany further established that Republicans need to be extremely strategic to win Georgia runoffs. So, considering the on-ground realities, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis should be welcomed in Georgia for the runoff election campaign, McEnany continued.

Herschel Walker was backed by Trump in the midterm elections. Though he could not cross the finish line in the elections, despite leading most of the polls in the last days before the midterm elections.

Georgia is the only state which is going to a runoff election in this election cycle. The importance of the Georgia seat has been dramatically increased now, since any party winning this seat is expected to gain control of the Senate for the next two years.

Political Analysts Ask Trump Not to Announce White House Run at the Moment

McEnany is not the only conservative political commentator advising Trump not to campaign for Republican candidates. Reportedly, Trump-endorsed candidates have either lost their elections or won by a tiny margin, compared to candidates not backed by Trump.

Trump backed nearly 330 candidates in midterm elections, but reportedly, the former president is furious after not seeing most of his candidates winning their elections.

Jason Miller, the former Trump adviser, also claimed Trump should delay his presidential election announcement until after the Georgia runoff elections; winning the Senate is the major goal of every Republican right now.

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board also established that Trump does not have an ideal election campaign record.

During his presidency, Republicans lost the midterm elections of 2018, while Trump hurt Republicans’ chances in the 2021 Georgia runoff elections by propagating his voter fraud narrative, the editorial board added.

Compared to Trump, DeSantis is considered a good election campaigner, as he completely turned Florida into a red state.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.