Trump May Soon Face a Lawsuit

More than two years later, the riot at the US Capitol on January 6 is still very much a conversation in American politics. Right now, people who engaged in the riot are facing consequences for it.

Some have been sentenced to considerable jail time, whereas others are currently sitting behind bars, without bond, as they wait to learn what their punishment will be.

Given that the Capitol rioters were Trump supporters, conversations have come up about potential liabilities that the former president may face.

Now, the Justice Department has just confirmed that Trump can face legal action over the demonstrations, as reported by Daily Wire.

More Trouble Ahead

Right now, former President Trump is focused on running his 2024 presidential campaign. He’s been largely making headlines for lodging insults against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is leading Trump in many state-level polls.

Nevertheless, the Department of Justice responded to various legal efforts on Trump’s behalf to have litigation against him that’s related to January 6 tossed out.

In confirming that the former president is liable to face legal action over the event that happened more than two years, the Justice Department stressed that “incitement of imminent private violence” is not covered by free speech or public communications rights.

So far, nearly one dozen Democrats have initiated legal action against Trump, as have two police officers with the US Capitol.

Various allies of the former president also face the possibility of legal ramifications, due to January 6 events.

More to Come

Individuals who are looking to bring legal action against the president have officially received the green light to do so. Now, what remains to be seen is if any lawsuits against Trump actually stick or have far-reaching consequences.

Litigation against the former president will undoubtedly be discussed during the 2024 presidential election, especially as voters are determining which Republican should win the party’s nomination.

On different social media sites, critics of the former president are celebrating this latest decision of the Department of Justice. Because of the verdict, additional lawsuits may be brought against the former president, more than the  ones already attempted.

Trump’s supporters, on the other hand, have slammed the Justice Department over this latest news. They also suggested the permission of lawsuits against the former president in relation to January 6 is a decision that was made because of partisan politics, rather than the rule of law.

Americans can look at Trump’s Truth Social page if they’d like a firsthand account of what he thinks about the situation.

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This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.