Trump Not Pleased with Legal Defense Team

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There are several elements in the Senate impeachment trial that have drawn attention since yesterday’s beginning.

First and foremost, the trial is virtually guaranteed to result in the acquittal of Donald Trump. This is the reality since a two-thirds vote of 100 senators is necessary to convict the former president.

“President Donald Trump boarding Marine O” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by The Epoch Times

Democrats control only half of the Senate seats, hence their need for 17 of 50 GOP senators to back a conviction. Meanwhile, 44 Republicans in the Senate have gone on record stating that the impeachment trial isn’t constitutional in the first place.

Secondly comes the legal defense team for Trump. Yesterday, the former president’s attorney, Bruce Castor Jr., provided opening statements in the impeachment trial; although, according to Breitbart News, Trump isn’t pleased with Castor’s work at all.

The Problems with Trump’s Legal Defense

When Castor gave opening remarks on Trump’s behalf yesterday, he actually lauded the work of the Democrats. The former president’s lawyer then proceeded to allege that because the American people were “smart” enough to vote Trump out of the presidency, Congress didn’t need to bring impeachment against him.

According to inside reports, the 45th president wasn’t impressed by this at all. Senate Republicans also shared similar sentiments. Sens. Bill Cassidy and Ted Cruz openly pointed out that the former president’s legal defense team didn’t do such a good job. Republicans even expressed that House Democrat impeachment managers presented a much stronger argument than Castor.

More Hearings to Come

The impeachment trial of Donald Trump shall carry out for at least the remainder of this week and likely into next week too.

Castor’s remarks have since been weighed in upon on social media. Many Americans on both sides of the aisle professed that Trump’s lead impeachment attorney didn’t do well in his opening remarks; others professed that Rudy Giuliani would have given Trump a better defense than Castor.

Bruce Castor Jr.’s arrival on the Trump legal defense team comes after previous attorneys with the former president parted ways. The decision for the other lawyers to leave occurred mutually after disagreements on the best means of defense. All things considered, Castor’s presence seems to have changed little to no issues that previously existed.

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