Trump Proves He’s Still a Powerhouse in the GOP

After fighting with a Fox News anchor who claimed there was no proof of major election fraud in 2020, Mo Brooks caused a stir amongst conservative commentators during the week.

The Details

“That’s not right,” the congressman remarked passionately, speaking over Sandra Smith, who insisted the election was not rigged. “I’m not sure why you journalists keep repeating that, but it’s completely wrong.”

Donald Trump was one of the people who saw the video.

According to two persons close to the previous president, who supported Brooks in the Alabama GOP Senate primary, until abandoning him when his campaign faltered, the former leader was impressed with Brooks’ conduct during the exchange.

Other senior MAGA players, including Steve Bannon, praised Brooks on Gettr Sunday, writing, “Mo Brooks Totally Got The Message!!!!!!”

Trump is in an untenable position as a result of Brooks’ comeback to MAGA’s good graces.

With the Senate runoff on June 21 rapidly approaching, Alabama provides a great opportunity for Trump to affect the results with a late sponsorship and therefore burnish his win-loss record, following a string of high-profile losses.

Though his decision isn’t apparent. Sen. Mitch McConnell, a Trump foe, has chosen Katie Britt as his favorite candidate. Brooks is a foe of McConnell’s.

“I really don’t see any benefit to his coming in,” said Jon Gray, a political consultant in the state, who added Trump could have made a significant difference in the race if he opted to advocate for a potential candidate months ago.

After placing first in the May 24 primary, 15 percent points clear of Brooks, but shy of the 50% barrier required to avoid a runoff, Britt has spoken with Trump over the phone last week.

According to a source familiar with the conversation, Trump stated that he wanted impartial research in the runoff.

Influence Shows

According to a source close to the campaign, Britt’s own modeling has her up 15 points, and outside polls indicate her as being even stronger.

Trump “has not yet made the decision yet” on whether or not to intervene in the runoff, according to a source close to the president, who added he is unlikely to sit out.

If Trump were to reverse his decision and re-endorse Brooks, he could argue withholding the support two months ago “gave him a lesson,” and “Mo got straight and has been very powerful since” since his speech about 2020.

“I certainly believe Mo Brooks is more philosophically associated with Trump. I certainly believe that it would assist if he came back and endorsed Mo Brooks,” said Jessica Taylor.

She is a previous Senate candidate who stepped out earlier this year to favor Mike Durant, who finished third last week. In the runoff, Taylor is now backing Brooks.