Trump Responds to Vicious Raid on Mar-a-Lago

Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate was raided by FBI agents on Monday. They were apparently searching for confidential items they believed might be in Trump’s possession.

However, conservatives are now speaking out about this outrage as the FBI has been politicized and weaponized against patriots.

President Trump has now responded and he is enraged. The Trump family is also expressing their anger, with Eric Trump speaking out forcefully about the left’s ongoing obsession with his father.

Trump Warns of ‘Dark Times’

President Trump did put out a statement on this raid, saying Mar-a-Lago had been “occupied” and was “under siege.” He referred to these as “dark times” and emphasized the political persecution he is still under.

Trump’s family also spoke out, with Lara Trump saying this clearly shows just how weaponized the federal government has become against conservatives.

As she pointed out, if this country’s most powerful agencies can go after a former president like this and humiliate him in such a way, imagine what they can (and will) do to ordinary citizens.

Eric Trump also spoke out in a conversation with Sean Hannity of Fox News, saying America won’t “survive” if “nonsense” like this is permitted to keep taking place.

Eric also said he wants to see his father run again and humiliate the Democrats, partly as a response to their endless obsession and pursuit of him.

What Did the Raid Involve?

According to Eric, their family had already been doing everything the FBI said and the raid was completely unnecessary. However, they infiltrated Mar-a-Lago and then also forcefully broke into his father’s safe, which was empty.

According to Eric, there were around 30 federal agents who stormed the house. He thinks the raid was ordered by Joe Biden.

This seems highly likely. Biden and the Democrats are scrambling as the economy tanks and they face upcoming midterms that look awful for them.

They need a distraction and they need it fast. This provides just the opportunity by going after their favorite bogeyman.

The Final Straw

Think about it: ever since he started running for president and took the lead in the primaries, Trump has been enemy number one for the left.

They treated him as a joke and idiot at first, but quickly morphed into treating him as a dire threat to their precious “democracy” once he became a serious candidate.

When Trump took power, Obama, Clinton, and their inner circle illegally spied on him, spread misinformation about a bizarre Russian conspiracy in the media, and did everything they could to make him fail as a leader.

Despite their treasonous activities, Trump managed to accomplish great things for the nation, not least of which was improving our economy and greatly improving the situation in the Middle East.

Now, this is his reward? The Democrats are an anti-American, treasonous party and we can’t afford to let them use federal agencies as an arm of their strongarm corruption.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.