Trump Scolded By Netanyahu For Dinner With West, Fuentes

The heat directed towards former President Trump over his decision to dine with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes, both being Holocaust deniers among other things, isn’t going away anytime soon.

This issue is still making headlines, especially as the 2024 presidential election season gets closer and closer. Since this dinner, the Republican Jewish Coalition came out with strong condemning words.

Others have claimed that by Trump having this dinner, he’s legitimizing and platforming anti-Semites. Over the weekend, Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister-designate of Israel, weighed in on the dinner, per Breitbart News.

Netanyahu on Trump’s Infamous Dinner

While interviewing with NBC News over the weekend, Netanyahu was questioned about Trump’s Mar-a-Lago dinner with West and Fuentes. This line of questioning was directed to the Israeli prime minister-designate due to his relationship with the former US president.

Netanyahu told NBC News that he believes Trump was “wrong.” The Israeli leader also expressed his hope that Trump will eventually move towards staying away from this kind of thing and condemning it.

Though during another portion of the interview, Netanyahu also spoke about the “great things” Trump managed to accomplish for Jerusalem. Netanyahu specifically referenced Trump’s relocation of the US embassy, Golan Heights sovereignty, and withdrawal from the Iran deal.

Finally, the prime minister-designate of Israel had strong words for the praise of Hitler. Netanyahu said praising Hitler isn’t something you do, considering he turned out to be “the greatest mass killer” the world has seen.

Netanyahu then warned anyone who chooses to give Hitler legitimacy or praise is wrong.

A PR Disaster For Team Trump

After news of the former president’s dinner with Fuentes and West, reports emerged that Trump’s team wasn’t happy. Moreover, some sources allege Trump’s team is now working on closely vetting those who come into contact with him.

During the dinner that’s made national headlines for going on weeks, there are rumors Trump was asked by West to be his vice presidential running mate. These same reports claim Trump flew into a rage and screamed at West for making this suggestion.

Later, on Truth Social, Trump claimed he told West not to run for president in 2024 because he wouldn’t be able to win. The former president then said he informed West that anyone thinking of voting for him should vote “Trump” on the ballot.

At this time, it remains to be seen what comes next for Trump.

What do you think about Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarks about former President Trump and his dinner with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes? Do you believe the backlash from this dinner is going to keep playing out in the media?

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This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.