Trump Slams Georgia Grand Jury Member

In Fulton County, Georgia, an investigation is underway concerning whether or not former President Trump committed a crime in the aftermath of losing the state during the 2020 presidential election.

This probe led to a special grand jury that is meant to oversee the matters and review the facts. However, one member of this jury, a woman named Emily Kohrs, has shocked many people with her comments in interviews.

Kohrs spoke before the media, making statements that many believe will reduce the likelihood of any serious criminal action being brought against Trump, regardless of if a case initially existed for it.

Now, the former president himself is speaking out about the matter, as is his legal counsel, per the Daily Mail.

Pushback From Team Trump

Kohrs told the media that she was interested in having the former president subpoenaed, but only for the sake of being able to swear him in. This woman is likewise on record claiming that getting even one minute of Trump looking at her “would be really cool.”

Trump and his legal counsel are referring to the current Fulton County proceedings as a sham. They’re also stating that Kohrs’ comments are indicative of a “circus” that’s falsely posing as a serious grand injury.

Some legal experts now believe that even if the grand jury does arrive at an indictment, Trump’s legal team will contest it on the grounds of grand jury impropriety.

It’s also been pointed out that Kohrs shouldn’t be going before the media and giving these sorts of interviews for all to see. It certainly is not doing Fulton County any favors.

Reactions From the Public

Social media has responded to the interviews from Kohrs with incredulity. Some Americans suggested that she couldn’t possibly be serious in making these comments amid serving on a formal grand jury.

Others suggested the woman could be trolling, suffering from mental health issues, or otherwise simply of low intelligence. Either way, there is no denying that the comments made by Kohrs will have an impact on what comes next in these legal proceedings.

Questions are now being raised about how this woman was ever approved to serve on a grand jury, to begin with.

Other Americans have pointed out that if Kohrs’ behavior before the media is representative of additional members of the Georgia grand jury, then Fulton County has some serious problems ahead.

It’s unclear if Kohrs will be doing any more sit-downs with the press in light of what’s already transpired.

Do you think the grand jury in Fulton County is doomed? Do you believe Trump will ever face a serious indictment in this case that actually sticks? You can let us know in the comments section.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.