Trump to Speak with Florida Voters in Town Hall

"President Trump and the First Lady at th" (Public Domain) by The White House

As most Americans know, tomorrow would have marked the second presidential debate for President Trump and Joe Biden to face off against one another.

However, the debate is no longer set to occur, due to the Commission on Presidential Debates. The debate commission, comprised of Democrats and Never-Trump Republicans, initially stated that the contest would have to occur virtually. When the president rejected a virtual debate setup, the Commission on Presidential Debates scrapped the event altogether.


Instead of debating Biden tomorrow, President Trump will engage in a Miami town hall event. During this period, Florida voters will have a chance to directly speak with the president and get answers to their questions, confirms sources.

What to Know About the Miami Town Hall

Tomorrow’s Miami town hall will last for one hour with news anchor Savannah Guthrie hosting the event. Pérez Art Museum is the facility that will host the event; attendees are furthermore expected to adhere to certain precautions against COVID-19, such as social distancing and mask-wearing.

Starting at 8:00 PM, voters attending the Miami town hall will have the chance to hear President Trump speak and ask questions of their own.

Florida is turning out to be a critical swing state, with certain polls showing the president having a slight lead over Biden. However, the former vice president has put in work to poach senior citizens’ votes away from Trump in the Sunshine State.

Campaign Events in Other States

Between now and tomorrow’s Miami town hall, the president will have multiple appearances to campaign for his re-election.

Later today, Trump will travel to Iowa in order to rally with supporters there and earn votes. The president’s rally is anticipated to generate high turnout rates as he’s done when traveling across the nation. Then, prior to tomorrow’s Florida town hall, Trump shall campaign in North Carolina.

Early voting has already begun in many states. This week, reports indicated that Georgia had a record number of ballots submitted on October 12, the very first day that early voting commenced. Florida, also, is reporting that significant numbers of residents are turning out to vote before November 3.

Are you looking forward to tomorrow’s Miami town hall event? Will you be attending the event or watching it via live stream? What question do you wish you could ask President Trump? Let us know down below in the comments section.