Trump Updates the Nation Amid Ongoing Election Litigation

"Thanksgiving Video Conference Call with" (Public Domain) by The White House

Multiple lawsuits surrounding the 2020 presidential election are still at the forefront of nationwide conversations. Lawyers working on behalf of President Trump are taking their cases before the courts, giving press conferences, and participating in various hearings about the election.

“Thanksgiving Video Conference Call with” (Public Domain) by The White House

Many Americans have questions, amid the ongoing litigation. Some are asking where it will all lead. Others have inquiries about the timing factor and how much longer the president’s legal team has left to make their cases.

On Wednesday, President Trump delivered a very critical address from the White House. As Townhall confirms, the address regarded the 2020 presidential race and subsequent pending litigation.

The White House Address from President Trump

President Trump described yesterday’s address as the “most important speech” he’s ever delivered. He also confirmed that the purpose of his address was to update Americans on where the election legal disputes currently stand.

According to the 45th president, “coordinated assault and siege” is targeting the integrity of the election process. After noting the extent to which the November 3 election has drawn out, Trump explained the counting of legal ballots and legal ballots only is about honoring not just the 2020 presidential race, but also future races to come.

Before wrapping up his remarks, Trump also noted that protecting the Constitution and the laws of the lands are his greatest presidential obligations.

Protecting the Integrity of U.S. Elections

Amid work to ensure the honesty and integrity of U.S. elections, there are two more races happening in Georgia. The ongoing Georgia runoffs come to an end on January 5, 2021; both races will determine whether Republicans maintain or lose the Senate majority.

In a nutshell, ongoing disputes over the 2020 presidential race are more than just about one outcome. Ensuring that Americans feel confident in the process, rather than cheated or disenfranchised are also top priorities of the Trump legal team.

President Trump stated yesterday that the legal challenges must go on. Trump’s lawyers are still maintaining that widespread and systemic voter fraud tainted the process and disenfranchised millions of legal voters.

Amid all these reports, there are questions and uncertainties about whether or not votes in future elections will be honestly counted.

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