Trump Urges for End to Impeachment Hoax

"Donald Trump" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Last year, House Democrats hijacked the impeachment process for the purpose of undoing 2016’s election results.

Even prior to 2019, Democrats were eager to remove Trump from office and they’d been throwing out anything, hoping that it would stick. Leading up to the two impeachment articles against the president, the left talked about the supposed dangers of having Trump in the White House.

President Trump Signs the 2020 NDAA by The White House, on Flickr

President Trump Signs the 2020 NDAA” (Public Domain) by The White House

Then, after wasting hours of time and millions of taxpayer dollars, Democrats rammed their sham impeachment through the House; they did this only to now hoard the articles and withhold them from the Senate.

In the wake of more delaying tactics and Pelosi’s behind-the-scenes attempts to possibly bring a third impeachment article against Trump, the president is calling for an end to this nonsense.

Earlier this morning, Trump took to Twitter, urging for closure to this hoax, once and for all.

Reviewing Trump’s Latest Remarks on Impeachment

On his Twitter feed, the president noted that Democrats’ interest in impeachment predates the July 2019 conversation he had with Ukrainian leader Zelensky.

Trump also pointed out the series of other “important matters pending” which deserve attention from Congress and himself. The president’s latest remarks on impeachment come as Senate Republicans propose hitting Pelosi with a deadline for the latest time she can submit the articles.

In a prior tweet, Trump reminded Americans that the Democrats’ talk about Ukraine is merely an extension of the phony Russian collusion witch hunt. The president then encouraged people in this country to “read the transcripts” and take note of remarks from Zelensky. Despite how much the Democrats wish it wasn’t so, Zelensky has stated, on multiple occasions, that Trump never pressured him or engaged in a quid-pro-quo.

Finally, the president wrapped up his tweet by explaining that all this nonsense about Russian and Ukraine is designed to ensure that Democrats don’t lose another general election.

Why the Impeachment Hoax Must End

If anyone in this country had doubts about whether the Democrats were simply playing politics with impeachment, Pelosi’s determination to hoard the articles should erase these doubts. This impeachment hoax must end because it ultimately lacks merit, support, and basis. If the Democrats truly believed Trump to be a danger to the nation, they wouldn’t be sitting on the impeachment articles.

President Trump in Florida by The White House, on Flickr

President Trump in Florida” (Public Domain) by The White House

As conservatives have stated many times, Democrats forced the weakest, thinnest, and fastest impeachment through the House. It did not get bipartisan support and it won’t stand in the Senate. This is why Pelosi is so afraid to do her job and stop stalling.

In the wake of Democrats’ antics, it is time for the Senate to take a stand and set a deadline for Pelosi to either hand over the articles or forego the sham altogether.

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