Trump Wipes the Floor With Biden in Hypothetical Iowa Poll

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore

Hypothetical polls for the presidential race aren’t something we typically see this early. With all the disapproval for current President Joe Biden, it was to be expected, even more with his opponent in these polls most commonly Donald Trump.

After what’s largely considered to have been a stolen election in 2020, Trump has been gunning for office for a little under two years now.

“Trump & Biden” by Emma Kaden

The Biden 2024 campaign won’t stand a chance

One such poll, conducted in Iowa, demonstrated just how little support Biden actually has left. The data showed well over 47% of likely voters would vote for Trump in the upcoming presidential election, whereas Biden is set to receive only 39% of the votes.

The same poll also touched on the topic of Biden’s current approval rating in the state, which has been plummeting ever since he was signed into office.

The Iowa voter body showed an embarrassing 34% rating, while 56% of those polled expressed their dissatisfaction with the job he’s done as president.

While on the topic of Biden and his actions, the Iowans were also pressed on their opinions regarding the raid conducted on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida. 34% claimed it actually increased the amount of support they have for the former president.

This wasn’t something unexpected, given how it’s blatantly obvious the raid was orchestrated by none other than Biden himself. This is solidifying the idea he’s willing to dedicate precious time to smearing Trump, instead of dealing with the actual issues at hand.

Biden’s approval rating is in the low 30s

Hilariously enough, Biden lost support from within his own party as well. Other polls conducted several months ago showed the majority of Democrats eligible for voting in 2024 wouldn’t like to see him on the ballot.

In fact, a closer inspection of the numbers shows barely 1% of all voters aged 18-29 actually approve of what Biden has done for this country. This speaks volumes of how detached from reality the Democrats can be at times.

While Biden’s approval did see a small uptick in August, it quickly came plummeting down to its standard amount, putting Trump back in the lead.

Even though it remains unclear whether Trump will actually run for office once again, the probability of it is still immensely high.

Despite all his sad attempts at garnering the respect of minorities across the US, Biden has failed to keep up with Trump time and time again. He is practically giving away a large portion of the Latino and Asian vote that Democrats had to the Republican Party.

The economy is in a less-than-optimal state at the moment. Seeing how Biden isn’t looking to do much about it, someone who actually wants to see this country prosper needs to step up to the plate.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.