Trump’s 2024 Campaign Looks Dead in the Water

Barely one month ago, former President Trump declared himself as a 2024 presidential candidate. Trump did this despite Republicans imploring him to hold off on such an announcement until after the Georgia Senate runoff ran its course.

Unsurprisingly, the former president didn’t heed this advice and yet another of his handpicked endorsees went down in flames.

There was a pattern of this throughout the midterms; however, Trump seemed to believe making a premature declaration of his 2024 candidacy would smooth things over.

If anything, matters have only gotten worse for Trump since he announced. Many Republicans have grown weary of the antics associated with the former president and would like to move on.

This comes in addition to legal and political issues the former president is facing, as documented by Yahoo News.

A Tough Pill For Trump to Swallow

As things currently stand today, a new USA TODAY/Suffolk University poll shows just how tired of Trump many Republicans have become.

This data reveals many members of the GOP favor Trump’s policies, but do not favor the former president himself.

To put it into perspective, 61% of Republican and Republican-leaning voters would like a non-Trump nominee to move forward with the former president’s policies.

Only a mere 31% of Republican and Republican-leaning voters expressed support for Trump’s 2024 presidential candidacy. At the top of the list of preferred Trump alternatives is Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

In the polling by USA TODAY/Suffolk University, DeSantis maintains a 56% to 33% lead over the former president.

It Gets Worse For Trump

The myraid of legal issues the former president continues to face certainly aren’t doing him any favors, either. Just earlier this month, the Trump Organization was convicted on a series of financial charges.

Likewise, the ex-president remains under investigation for his handling of classified documents after leaving the White House and more.

Earlier this month, Trump drew backlash for dining with anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers, along with calling for the US Constitution to be terminated.

If this wasn’t bad enough, pollling that pits Trump against Biden in 2024 shows the latter with a rising lead over the former.

All thing considered, there’s nothing here to show that Trump would be able to deliver a win for the Republican Party in 2024. If anything, nominating Trump may be a surefire way to lose to Democrats.

Many can argue that the failures of Trump-backed candidates during this year’s midterms are a bellwether of what lies ahead for the GOP if Trump is the 2024 nominee.

What do you think about the growing list of problems for former President Trump? Do you believe it’s time for someone like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to secure the nomination in 2024?

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This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.