Trump’s Personal Assistant Let Go for Statements Regarding President’s Daughters…

When working for the president (or anyone for that matter), gossiping about their relatives in public is not really the best idea. This is a pretty general rule, although it’s something which Madeleine Westerhout learned the hard way, according to Breitbart News. Westerhout began working for President Trump in 2016 and served as his personal assistant since the beginning of his time in the White House up until Thursday, August 29, 2019.

Westerhout’s service as the president’s assistant abruptly ended after she made comments about his daughters, Ivanka and Tiffany Trump, during an off-the-record dinner with reports. Word got back to President Trump about Westerhout’s statements and she was “automatically” let go. Some reports are claiming that Westerhout resigned, whereas others state that she was forced to resign and ultimately fired.

A Thorough Look at Comments Which Ended Westerhout’s Employment

In essence, the president’s former assistant told reporters that she maintained a better relationship with Trump than his own daughters. Furthermore, Westerhout claimed that the president didn’t wish to appear in photographs with Tiffany Trump because he allegedly believes his youngest daughter is overweight.

Since the release of these reports, the president has denied these claims, affirming that he loves both his daughters and will be speaking with Tiffany. Trump also informed reporters that Westerhout had a few drinks and a “bad night” when she made the aforementioned statements. Nevertheless, the president maintains that he spoke with Westerhout and ultimately “wished her well” following the end of her employment with the White House.

More Details on Westerhout’s Time with the White House

Thus far, the president’s daughters have not publicly spoke out about the statements from Madeleine Westerhout. Nevertheless, it is not shocking that the comments got back to the president, especially since Westerhout shared them with members of the press.

Additional reports regarding Westerhout’s employment within the White House suggest that certain people might have carried grudges against her. Other aides in the West Wing are said to have tired of Westerhout’s alleged attempts to supersede her duties as a personal assistant and handle issues regarding foreign travel.

Since Madeleine Westerhout’s departure from the White House, she has not issued any statements about her version of events.

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