Trump’s Popularity Among Republicans Takes a Hit

In yet another announcement following the anticlimactic victory of the GOP in this year’s midterm elections, former President Donald Trump stated he will not be campaigning with Herschel Walker in Georgia.

Even though he’s still ahead in some polls for the Republican primaries, both Walker’s and Trump’s teams have concluded his appearance during the final week of the state’s runoff Senate elections could cause damage to the candidate’s campaign.

Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker won’t be receiving Trump’s help

This comes after failure to manifest a red wave in the elections was blamed on Donald Trump. He’s been a favorite among the MAGA crowd, but not too much among the rest of the conservatives.

However, this doesn’t mean Trump is cutting his support for Walker, but rather, he will simply not be doing any more of his signature rallies in Georgia. Trump will focus on doing calls with supporters and creating online fundraising campaigns for the Georgia candidate.

On the other hand, though, it may allow Trump to focus on his own presidential campaign. With just a few minor adjustments to how he approaches his supporters, Trump could easily rise back to the top.

The former president’s eccentric behavior and direct approach to things may not be the thing Herschel’s campaign needs at the time; seeing as it didn’t work out too well in 2020, Trump himself might not need it either.

DeSantis steps up to the plate

The decision to keep Trump out of the spotlight may have been for the best. His “loud” appearance both energizes his core supporters, but also drives Democrats to demonize the rest of conservatives, as we’ve seen with Biden in the past.

It also completely erases the idea of moderate Republicans from the political sphere of things, driving away any potential voters who were dissatisfied with how the Democrats have been running things for the past couple of years.

That’s not to say Trump won’t make an extravagant appearance once his 2024 campaign fully kicks off; with Biden still being a potential candidate for the upcoming presidential elections, Trump could potentially still take him.

However, somtimes a change of events lies where one would least expect it.

For instance, even though the dozens of alternatives who popped up out of nowhere for the Republican primaries don’t have enough support to pose a real threat, DeSantis may be able to dethrone Trump this time.

The Florida governor managed to completely dominate his state’s gubernatorial election, promising Floridians four more years of an admirable, conservative narrative.

Whether or not the underdog’s support is a match for Trump’s remains to be seen. Only time will tell whether the GOP will shift in DeSantis’ favor or if Trump will prevail in the end.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.