Trump is Taking the Country Back


In 2020, the Philadelphia neighborhoods killed Donald Trump. Now, one year after assisting Joe Biden in flipping one of the country’s most key swing states, Democrats are concerned about the party’s reversal.

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Conservatives are Winning Big Everywhere

Conservatives won momentum in the vote-rich Philadelphia suburbia after years of decline. However, this momentum was mostly overshadowed during the Democrats’ terrible suburban performance in Virginia and New Jersey the other week.

In populous Bucks County, the GOP overturned multiple row positions, won a state Supreme Court election, and came very close to capturing members of the county government in Delaware County, a place Biden won by nearly 30 points in 2020.

In next year’s midterms, Pennsylvania will host highly contested House, Senate, and governorship races. This is demonstrating Democrats’ current nervousness among middle-class voters extends far beyond one or two states.

“What Democrats may face in the suburban areas in 2022 was revealed in November,” said Dan Sena, former director of the Democratic National Committee.

“The neighborhoods are becoming considerably more contested for Democrats than they were in the previous two years and conservatives have potential to gain ground.”

Despite the fact district attorney, sheriff, and judge races throughout Pennsylvania received little national notice, party insiders consider them nearly as crucial as Virginia Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin’s triumph.

As per Morning Consult polls, Biden’s approval numbers among Pennsylvania middle-class voters plunged 14 points between April and October. The battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina, as well as Florida showed comparable declines in Biden’s favor.

Biden’s suburbia support fading is a major issue. Biden was able to reclaim the state from Trump in 2020, thanks to large margins in the suburban Philadelphia districts of Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, and Chester.

The GOP is Coming Back Strong

Nevertheless, the latest election results imply the GOP is in a much better position in these places. Suburban voters from Loudoun County, Virginia to Bucks County, Pennsylvania seemed to reject the notion that every Republican nominee is a Trump clone.

Just as Virginia liberals attempted to portray Youngkin as a Trump apologist, Pennsylvania Democrats attempted to link-local Republican candidates to the previous president – with mixed results.

One flyer cautioned, “Don’t let Trump’s Bucks County gang take over our public schools and municipal govt.”

“Bucks County conservatives are keeping Trumpism living here at home,” stated the reverse side. To put a stop to it, vote!”

In the Philadelphia suburbs, Republican candidates kept Trump at arm’s length, just as they did in Virginia, in which Youngkin did not campaign with Trump during the gubernatorial election.

“Throughout [southern Pennsylvania], I can’t think of a single candidate that endorsed Trump, whether it was a judge, a township chairman, or a district row office election,” said Mike Conallen, a former aide to Bucks County Republican Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick.