UK Leadership Race Suspended Over Election Security

Due to concerns about election meddling, the inner Conservative Party vote to select Britain’s next party leader has been postponed.

Don’t Tell the Democrats

The election for the chair of the Conservative Party has been postponed as additional security measures are introduced to the vote, due to concerns over a potential cyberattack.

Delegates of the Conservative Party must now decide between former Liberal Democrat Liz Truss and pro-China Rishi Sunak.

Both have some connection to the World Economic Forum. They are running for the role of Tory Prime minister and, by implication, leader of the party. Boris Johnson, the party’s widely criticized leader, finally declared his resignation last month.

The British state officials notified the organization that the poll was susceptible to being compromised by what the paper termed “devious actors,” according to a report by The Telegraph that was released last night.

As a result, the ballot has now been postponed.

Although authorities apparently stated they were not aware of any one party specifically looking to manipulate the election, there were fundamental flaws in the system.

These flaws could theoretically allow countries like Iran, China, or Russia to compromise the results.

In an effort to increase security, the party decided to postpone voting and remove the ability for voters to amend their online votes in the past.

A note from the party to each member allegedly said, “Your vote is now on the way; although it will be with you a little later than we initially said.”

It went on, “Please don’t be concerned. This is because we took some time to add some more security to our voting procedure, which has caused us to somewhat delay.”

The fight to become the next Prime Minister of the UK is still going on within the Tory party, notwithstanding the postponement. According to sources on Tuesday night, former liberal Liz Truss increased her lead against fellow WEF associate Rishi Sunak.

Johnson to Keep the Job

The Conservative Party people appear to be moving both against Truss and Sunak.

A narrow majority is now apparently furious that current Prime Minister Boris Johnson was initially removed; both have made numerous positively progressive promises for increased immigration and climate craziness.

Furthermore, a majority of respondents want Boris Johnson to stay in the top position if they have an option between the three contenders, rather than just Truss and Sunak.

The departing PM is leading Truss by a sizable 12 points. The Prime Minister already stated he had no intention of wanting to hold onto his position. However, new polling may suddenly change that.

It could make earlier rumors circulated by Tory officials that Johnson was looking to stay in office appear like a somewhat more realistic scenario.