Ukraine Needs US Aid Now!

According to top Biden federal officials with a direct understanding of the incident, the mobilization of Ukrainians at the Polish border is prompting urgent discussions on the need to quickly increase help European countries taking refugees.

The Crisis is Getting Worse

Additional financing would be required, according to the officials.

Congress and the White House are also discussing supplementary humanitarian help for Ukraine; it’s possible financing will take longer than a week to be authorized, potentially postponing the delivery of crucial aid.

As per the United Nations, as many as 520,000 people fled Ukraine in recent days, with the majority fleeing into Poland and Moldova.

According to US officials, the backlog at the Polish border, where vehicles carrying fleeing Ukrainians are idling, varies from one to three days, increasing concerns about Ukrainians’ physical safety and availability of food, water, and medical assistance.

“You have already seen half a million individuals move in less than a week; it is truly incredible speed.”

“It should be doable,” a senior USAID source said, “but it’s also quite fluid right now.”

“It’ll come down to access, safety, and money in the end. It is considerably more difficult to offer health services if healthcare centers are bombed, as we have seen in Syria.”

As early as Tuesday, the United Nations will launch a large financing appeal for enhanced humanitarian relief for the 100,000 people forcibly displaced in Ukraine, as well as the 520,000 who’ve already fled the nation.

The US recently approved an extra $54 million in humanitarian assistance for Ukraine, but members on Capitol Hill believe it is insufficient and are now exploring an extra $2.9 billion.

It’s Not Looking Good

“I believe we are witnessing the onset of a humanitarian crisis. Now, half a million Ukrainians have left the nation.”

“I believe that figure will rise if Putin resorts to even more savage attacks, such as cluster bombs,” said Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del).

“I believe it is prudent for us to spend now in expectation of a large demand in Poland and Moldova, as well as in Bulgaria in the Baltic states.”

As per a White House budget source, the $2.9 billion amount might rise if needs change and the Biden government works with allies to “evaluate on-the-ground demands.”

“We are seeing enormous numbers of individuals displaced within Ukraine, as well as an increase in the number of people crossing international boundaries out of Ukraine,” said Chris Boian, a UNHCR representative.

“This is a tremendous undertaking that necessitates an immediate, thorough, and urgent reaction. The international community must provide immediate financial assistance.”

In a message, the State Department said it is “tightly cooperating” with global partners to identify Ukraine’s humanitarian issues.

“We emphasize the need for secure and continuous access to health facilities with necessary medicines, supplies, and activities,” a department official said.

“We urge all parties to enable humanitarian organizations with prompt, safe, and unimpeded access to undertake their essential work in Ukraine.”