Ukraine Rips Through Russian Lines in Rapidly Unfolding Disaster for Putin

The Ukrainian military ripped through Russian frontlines in occupied Kharkiv region territories in Eastern Ukraine.

This ended up routing disorderly troops of bloodthirsty Moscow dictator Vladimir Putin in the most spectacular battlefield defeat of Russia since the former Soviet Union was invaded by Nazis during the Second World War.

Stupefying Losses for Putin’s Army as Russians Get Routed

Over the past couple of days, Ukrainians not only liberated the town of Balakliya, but from there also managed to snatch the major railway hub of Kupyansk.

Ukraine’s defenders even managed to cut off and reach Izyum, a major regional center where tens of thousands of Russian soldiers may just be getting surrounded.

Videos abound on social media showing victorious Ukrainian troops at the spots they have just liberated, locals greeting them with cries of joy, dozens of destroyed Russian vehicles, and panicking Russian troops fleeing the rout.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 of this year with 200,000 troops; six months later, there is little left from the original invasion force.


(Social media photo shows Ukrainian special ops forces in newly liberated Kupyansk.)

Lightning Thrust, Tens of Thousands of Russians Encircled

As of Saturday afternoon local time, it was practically impossible to track the Ukrainian advance in the east against the Russian occupiers. Ukrainians were advancing so quickly and the routed Russian forces were fleeing in any direction they could.

The current Ukrainian offensive in the east began after Ukraine prepared for weeks for a major offensive in the south to crush the 20,000 – 30,000 Russian troops stuck in the Kherson region, west of the large Dnipro River.

In order to prevent a spectacular Ukrainian victory there, the Russian command spent weeks transferring many of the best troops it had left to Kherson.

The end result has been Ukraine destroyed all usable bridges used US-supplied HIMARS rocket artillery, leaving tens of thousands of Russians stranded west of the Dnipro, and gradually gaining ground.

At the same time, the Ukrainian command saw the weakening of the Russian lines in the east. It quickly launched a second offensive in the Kharkiv region in the east, about 800 miles northeast of Kherson.

The capture of Kupyansk is a severe blow to the entire Russian war effort because of the railway lines it used to supply the Putin troops further south.

To top it all off, by capturing Kupyansk, Ukrainians have come close to isolating Izyum to the southwest, a town of 50,000 and a major Russian fortress.

Russian troops there are quite unlucky since the entire region to the east, towards the Russian border, is inaccessible to them because of a very narrow, long water reservoir.

This runs in the north–south direction, cutting Russians off from being able to retreat to Russia.

By Saturday afternoon, there were reports that Ukrainians not only surrounded the Russians in Izyum, but also attacked the city, with street battles in its outskirts.

The entire Russian front in the east of Ukraine is now at risk of collapsing, which would be a severe political defeat for the Putin dictatorship back in Moscow.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.