Unbelievable – British Liberals Can’t Agree If Men Women Have Cervixes or Not

The Labour Party in the United Kingdom has disintegrated over the question of whether females have cervixes. This was started by a feminist MP who refused to attend the party meeting because she believes women exist.

It’s a Civil War Over a Woman’s Body

Rosie Duffield’s opposition to removing biological women (and disagreeing with biological men who claim to be women accessing women’s only rooms such as dressing rooms, toilet facilities, and refuges) sparked the party feud.

Ms. Duffield refused to join this week’s Labour Party Congress in Brighton, the UK’s LGBT center. This happened due to threats from trans extremists, after confessing last week that a far-left-progressive element of her own party, LGBT+ Labour, “now appear to detest my guts.”

When asked about Ms. Duffield’s remark from last year, leader of the party Sir Keir Starmer claimed that saying only women have cervixes was incorrect. Starmer claimed, “that is something that will not be said. It’s not fair.”

Sajid Javid, the Tory Health Secretary, labeled the opposing leader’s comments a “complete denial of scientific reality,” adding, “he would like to run the NHS.”

On Monday, Labour’s Shadow Minister Rachel Reeves hesitated to respond to a question on whether it was transphobic to suggest cervixes are only found in women.

Reeves originally skirted the issue posed by LBC’s Nick Ferrari, before responding, rather agitated, when questioned again. “Is it transphobic? Look, I’m not sure where to begin in answering that question. I don’t think they’re really useful.”

It’s Transphobic to Assume Women have Woman Parts

After being questioned a fourth time on if was transphobic to imply biological women have cervixes, Reeves appeared to break from Starmer’s stance, adding, “I wouldn’t argue that [it was transphobic].”

When pushed to clarify why she believes this, Reeves admitted that cervixes do indeed pertain to women. She asked Mr. Ferrari, “Why are we trying to discuss sections of female genitals on the airwaves?”

Later, she said, “I’m not comfortable discussing women’s physiology and different portions of women’s issues with you, Nick, or anybody else, for that matter.”

Mr. Ferrari responded by pointing out gendered critical views have gotten a lot of attention at the event in the last few days, since Ms. Duffield expressed concern about participating.

Whenever the simple issue of women and cervixes did come up on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland Ian Murray claimed he was being pushed for a “medical science dissertation.”

Meanwhile, Labour MP Emily Thornberry argued on Monday that saying only women have cervixes is “factually wrong.”

“There really are males who have cervixes,” says the narrator. “There are transgender males who are also men,” Thornberry stated.

It’s just factually incorrect.