Undercover Video Exposes Illegal Aliens Admitting Being Registered to Vote


In a shocking revelation, an undercover video has surfaced showing illegal aliens admitting to being registered to vote in the United States. The footage, obtained and released by conservative media outlet Tenet Media, provides a disturbing look into the operations at San Antonio's Migrant Resource Center. This center, run by Migrant Support Services in partnership with various non-governmental organizations, reportedly enforces a strict no-recording policy and provides transportation services for illegal immigrants​.

The undercover video, shared on social media, shows a field reporter speaking with illegal immigrants who confirm the no-recording policy and express fears of deportation or arrest if they are caught filming. This strict policy raises suspicions about potential illicit activities being concealed within the center​​.


Additionally, recent reports from South Carolina have further fueled concerns about voter fraud. Governor Henry McMaster has called for a state investigation into allegations that voter registration forms were distributed to non-citizens by state agencies.

This investigation was prompted by a social media post from Rep. Adam Morgan, who shared a photo of a voter registration form allegedly given to a refugee by the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (SCDHHS). SCDHHS, while mandated by federal law to provide voter registration information with Medicaid applications, denies any involvement in processing these forms​​.

Moreover, a video obtained by The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project revealed a nonprofit organization in New York City, La Jornada, illegally distributing residency documents to individuals without proper identification.

This operation allows illegal aliens to obtain city ID cards, potentially under false names, through the city’s IDNYC program​.

These incidents highlight a growing concern about the integrity of the voter registration process and the potential for illegal immigrants to influence elections. Conservative activists and lawmakers are pushing for stricter enforcement of voter registration laws and more robust verification processes to ensure that only eligible U.S. citizens are registered to vote.

The implications of these findings are significant as they suggest systematic flaws that could undermine the electoral process. As investigations continue, there is a renewed call for transparency and accountability to safeguard the sanctity of American elections​.


  1. If anyone didn’t think for one minute this was the plan all along they were nuts. This is the only way that the Democrats can win in this election. You have to know this is not an isolated incident. Again this is what they wanted the whole time. They are getting caught at it and the truth is being exposed.

  2. That was the reason behind Biden letting all these illegals into this Country to register them all as Democrats to vote for him and other Democrats! This man is the most corrupt person in the Oval Office this Country has ever had! Biden, Myorkas & the Attry. General should all go to prison for their political, corrupt crimes!

  3. Giving illegals IDs is not an official act provided for by law. It is clearly impeachable but Democrats are not honest and will vote party before the good of America. They talk about protecting democracy as they subvert it by registering aliens to vote for them.


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