US Fighter Planes Have Struck Targets In Iraq/ Syria Border

On Saturday afternoon, Joe Biden authorized strikes on Iran-backed militia groups stationed near the Iraq–Syria border; this signaled Biden’s second military campaign in the area since taking office.

The preventive precise attacks were taken out on sites; these sites were believed for use by Iran-backed militias involved in the drone attacks against US troops and infrastructure in Iraq, according to the military.

The military refused to say if anybody was killed or wounded.

The US strikes hit organizational and ammunition warehouses in two locations in Syria and one position in Iraq, which are both close to the nation’s borders, according to the remark; it also noted that the facilities are used by several terror organizations, including Kata’ib Hezbollah and Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada.

The steps, according to the department, demonstrate that the US president is prepared to act to safeguard the US people in Iraq at the request of the Iraqi Army. In order to destroy ISIS, US and coalition soldiers have been battling alongside Iraqi Security Forces.

The US took needed, prudent, and intentional measures to reduce the risk of escalating while at the same time sending a clear and decisive message. The American government exercised its right to self-defense under international law.

The attacks were both essential and adequately circumscribed in scope in order to handle the threat. According to the statement, the president took this action in accordance with his Article II power to safeguard US personnel in Iraq.

The attacks take place at a difficult period for the US and the Iranian government, which was attempting to expand its operations in Iraqi politics and the Mideast in general.

Under the Trump administration, the US assassinated Iran’s highest general, Qassem Soleimani, after Soleimani approved attacks on the US Embassy, and several missile strikes on US and allied troops in the vicinity, employing Iran-backed militias.

According to the State Department, Soleimani and his Quds Force have been responsible for the killing of scores of American and allied military personnel, as well as the injuring of thousands more.

Support For America In Iraq is Split

For years, Iraq’s government has been split between supporters of the US presence in the region and supporters of Iran’s Islamist dictatorship, which has been strengthening its power in Iraq (through paramilitary organizations it claims are also fighting ISIS). The militia has long been criticized for firing rockets at US troops and assassinating peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators.

When authorities discovered inconclusive information against Iran-aligned militia commander Qasim Muslih, who was detained in May on terrorism-related accusations, Iraq freed him in June.

Sources said that the US military used F-15 and F-16 planes to carry out the airstrikes and that the pilots returned safely from the operation. In February, following missile strikes on US personnel and facilities in Iraq, Biden authorized retaliatory strikes on Iran-backed militias.