US Intelligence Reveals Vital Info on UFO’s!

In a report released earlier this week, US intelligence revealed a surge in UFO sightings involving military personnel, likely enabled by a greater awareness of our airspace in recent years.

However, almost 50% of the recent sightings had proper explanations for them, whereas the rest are still up for discussion when it comes to whether any tall, white humanoid figures with obscenely large heads were involved.

There might’ve been more UFO sightings than we previously thought

Even though the reports do indicate a surge in sightings, this is more likely to have been caused by the destigmatization of these reports.

The US military is starting to focus on dealing with the risks they might pose for the safety of our country.

According to Thursday’s report, an additional 366 new incidents were examined by Pentagon’s new office tasked with reviewing UFO sightings.

They found at least half of them weren’t remarkable, with 26 being drone-related, 163 being labeled as balloons, and six being clutter floating around in the atmosphere.

However, these initial assessments do not mean the case is resolved, but rather, they will be used to help determine the origin of the other 171 uncharacterized reports.

Among them, some were even reported to have moved in unusual patterns and displayed capabilities that no aircraft we know of can achieve. These reports will require further analysis from the experts at the Pentagon office.

No, Mars still isn’t attacking

The office added they’re highly confident the cooperation between the agencies will help crack down on these sightings and help investigators distinguish real cases from fake ones down the line.

This, of course, doesn’t imply UFOs actually exist, but rather that there is a growing amount of sightings we simply can’t explain at the time.

At a hearing before Congress that happened earlier this year, the UAP incidents were revealed to have risen to over 400 by Pentagon officials; the report shows this trend continued.

Pentagon’s leading spokesman, Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder, added the safety of our airspace, people, and military personnel is a top priority and it’s why every report is carefully examined.

Last year, in December, Pentagon issued a statement regarding the increased number of sightings, assuring the appearance of “aliens” isn’t what’s causing them.

Ron Moultrie, the undersecretary of defense for intelligence and security, confirmed the presence of life in outer space remains a mystery and the US still has no evidence to refute that claim.

In fact, none of the reports actually confirm any of the sightings of objects involved anything that was of extraterrestrial origin.

This may disappoint some of the die-hard UFO and alien fans out there, but with so many sightings lately, it’s only a matter of time until one case makes the idea plausible.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.