US Military Doctors Caught Helping Russia


A doctor working with the US Army and his wife, a civilian doctor, are arrested for revealing American military secrets to Russia.

According to the press release of the Department of Justice (DOJ), the doctor couple is facing eight different criminal charges in a federal district court in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Russia Well-Wishers Caught in American Military

Jamie Lee Henry, a transgender doctor with the US Army, and her wife Anna Gabrielian, who is an anesthesiologist working at Johns Hopkins University, met with an undercover FBI agent, who claimed to be an official of the Russian embassy in America.

Reportedly, Henry told the FBI agent he could help the Russian government, as long as the United States does not declare war against Russia. After that, Henry continued, he would have ethical issues with helping Russians.

However, Gabrielian told Henry he would need to compromise on the ethical issues, even if the US goes to war with Russia.

In their August 17 meeting with the undercover FBI agent, Gabrielian told the agent she is ready to disclose secret American information, due to her love for Russia.

The doctor also claimed she is ready to disclose the information, even if she lands in jail or gets terminated from her job.

Likewise, Gabrielian told the agent her spouse is well aware of the working of US Army hospitals in war situations, alongside the training American officials give to the Ukrainian military.

Major Henry Forced US Military to Change its Laws

Now, both Henry and Gabrielian are facing a court case for conspiring against America and disclosing the personal health information of soldiers without their consent.

The indictment also revealed the couple stole medical files of US soldiers from their workplaces and handed them over to the undercover FBI agent.

Major Henry made headlines in 2015 when he declared himself transgender, the first on-duty army officer to do so.

When Henry announced to change his biological gender, the US military ended up altering its laws. Prior to Henry, a person changing his/her biological gender was deemed unfit for military service.

In a separate meeting, Gabrielian provided medical information of the spouse of a Naval Intelligence employee and an Air Force personnel to the undercover FBI agent.

While handing over the crucial information, Gabrielian told the FBI agent Russia could exploit the medical information about the spouse of the Naval intelligence officer.

Furthermore, Gabrielian confirmed to the FBI agent that she also tried to contact the Russian embassy directly in the past and offered to help them.

Major Henry has been serving in the US Army since 2007 in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, but he never worked in any combat deployment.

According to Henry’s lawyer, the judge released his client from home detention, but the lawyer refused to discuss the charges against Henry directly with the media.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.