US to Quadruple Military Power In Taiwan

As a result of the continued escalation of tensions with Beijing, it is anticipated that the United States shall shortly increase the number of troops stationed in Taiwan by a factor of four.

An Increase From 30

According to a story published by the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, the Pentagon intends to send about 100 to 200 soldiers to the self-ruled island, an increase from the about 30 troops who were there a year ago.

There have been Marines and members of special forces sent to Taiwan in the past; although the exact number of such personnel has varied considerably throughout the years.

Nonetheless, this rise would be the most significant increase in the number of US troops stationed on the ground in Taiwan in the past several decades.

The military of Taiwan is being trained by the United States military so it can better defend itself against China, which lays claim to Taiwan as its territory.

Sen. Mike Lee, a Republican from Utah, referred to it as a “major move” during an appearance on Fox & Friends on Thursday, but he also noted the overall number of troops wouldn’t be that great.

In addition, members of the armed forces of Taiwan are receiving training at Camp Grayling, which is located in the upper region of Michigan and is run by the Michigan National Guard.

The actions came a few weeks after an Air Force general predicted the United States would be at war with China in 2025, just a day after the Secretary of the Navy issued a warning that China’s fleet was now greater than the one owned by the United States.

A naval buildup is a crucial component of China’s more assertive military posture abroad, as stated by Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro, who said China’s navy lately added over 100 warships to its fleet.

Ships To Be Deployed

According to Del Toro, the People’s Liberation Army Navy of China now has roughly 340 ships in its fleet. The United States Navy claims its fleet has “more than 280 ships available to be deployed.”

While the precise number is unknown, it is fewer than 300.

According to Del Toro, China has plans to field a fleet of 440 ships by the year 2030, which is a significant leap ahead of the declared aim of the Pentagon to have 350 staffed ships by the year 2045.

On the other hand, he added many people in the United States were unaware that China “consistently” works to breach the maritime sovereign power and economic stability of other nations, including allies and trading partners in the South China Sea and other parts of the world.

The South China Sea is a vast portion of the ocean that China claims as its own, despite the fact this claim is not identified under international law. In recent years, China has become much more aggressive in this region.

According to CNN, Del Toro stated China’s shipbuilding capacity far surpasses that of the United States.

The United States has a significant lead in aircraft carriers, with 11 to China’s three. According to reports, China also failed to train enough shipborne fighter jet pilots to crew its carriers adequately.

According to experts, in a full-scale naval conflict, the larger fleet nearly invariably holds the decisive edge.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.