Vaccine Mandates for You, but Not the Illegal Migrants

President Joe Biden keeps pushing for mandatory coronavirus vaccines for Americans; however, the U.S. government has yet to clarify why the same standard does not apply to immigrants entering via the border fence.

Jen Psaki, the Press Secretary, did not respond to a query on Thursday about whether the government wanted to apply the same vaccination requirements suggested for international tourists to migrants allowed into the US.

Visiting From a Vaccinated Europe is a Problem – Just Come Via the Southern Border

Intergovernmental project teams are formulating a plan for foreign travel, according to Psaki, but she did not include immigrants crossing the border fence. They will aim to keep existing travel limitations at this time, considering where they’re at with the Delta variant, Psaki added.

The Biden U.S. government failed to handle the issue of coronavirus-infected immigrants carrying the disease in the United States, until Breitbart News first raised it. Since February, 7,000 immigrants who tested positive for the illness have indeed been discharged near McAllen, Texas, with 1,500 of them arriving in the last 7 days. In response to the situation, McAllen created a state of disaster, releasing funds to help them deal with it.

In a Facebook post, McAllen Mayor Javier Villalobos, a conservative, claimed the city has been receiving roughly 1,800 migrants each day recently. Then, there’s the reality that 15% of migrants have COVID, which has produced major issues in the lovely city of McAllen. The municipality has built up provisional makeshift camps for immigrants who have come back positive, but the government has yet to issue a vaccine order.

The Biden Administration Actually Thinks Its Doing a Good Job

Psaki praised the Biden government’s treatment of the problem, stressing that while in prison, immigrants must wear masks. Individuals who develop symptoms of the coronavirus are also sent to local health centers for testing, quarantine, and treatment, according to her.

The Department of Homeland Security is making strides to halt the spreading of the coronavirus, according to the communications director. Although, she only mentioned the mask requirements for immigrants picked up by border agents and government personnel directing migrants with the disease to local healthcare services. That is a part of the efforts they are doing as a ruling party, she said.

A follow-up inquiry from Breitbart News concerning a prospective vaccine requirement for migrants received no response from the White House. Homeland Security seems to be oblivious about the situation, as the Washington Post revealed the agency plans to provide immunizations to immigrants in jail and even those facing deportation.

However, the report made no mention of a vaccination mandate comparable to the one in place for international visitors to the United States. Biden indicated his readiness to enable border officials to use Title 42 powers to return certain border-crossers during a press conference this week.

However, he reiterated that unaccompanied children will be allowed to enter the nation. Unaccompanied children are a different situation, since testing and treating them (rather than sending them back unaccompanied) is the most compassionate thing to do, he said.