Vegans Learn Tough Lesson Stopping Livestock Shipment

A gang of vegans, often known as “domestic food terrorists,” staged a demonstration against a Starbucks outlet a few months ago.

They did this at a Nashville Starbucks, in protest of the increased price of almond milk, which prompted them to encase their feet in cement. Vegans were shocked to see that the cost of their oat and almond milk was more than the cost of milk from a real cow.

They must not have realized that wet cement and human flesh go together like water and oil, because they came up with the brilliant idea of encasing their feet in wet cement which, spoiler alert, did not end well for them.

Vegans and Their Ploys

However, it appears that being both foolish and a food terrorist who only consumes plant-based foods goes hand in hand. Groups usually find themselves in hot water after engaging in vegan shenanigans.

Sometimes it really turns out poorly, like when you are arrested for causing a disturbance at a pizza establishment or when you get beaten up for raiding a rabbit farm and are forced to totally reconsider being vegan as a result.

Being flattened like a pancake by a vehicle is perhaps the worst possible scenario, which brings us to the crux of today’s headlines.

Food terrorists who adhere to a vegan diet were getting ready to halt a huge truck that was carrying cattle.

A carrot-eating vegan with a beard walks into the camera and announces to the audience that the truck on its way to the rendering facility will be blocked by him and his other vegan friends.

The vehicle, according to his narration, is on its way to the slaughterhouse, “where 10,000 lives are sacrificed every day, all for the sake of satisfying the gustatory preferences of people.”

Okay, yes.

The Video

It’s probably about time you got some ground beef out of the fridge and made yourself a burger to eat as you watch.

The vegetarians were taken aback when the truck made a move that they hadn’t been expecting while making a looping right bend. It does not stop, nor does it slow down at any point.

The vegan voiceover of the video is hilarious and lovely all at the same time.

It makes me think of a quote attributed to Charles Dickens from yesteryear: “It was the f**k around of times, it was the find out of times.”

Now, you may ask yourself did Dickens really say that? It was shared on social media, therefore it has to be accurate.

Away from our opinion on this. What do you think about what happened in the video? Are you pleased with how the truck driver didn’t stop or do you think he should have stopped?

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.