Veteran Democratic Strategist Feels No Shame in Manipulating Elections

Democrats are manipulating Republican primaries by endorsing far-right candidates who have slim chances to win the midterm elections.

However, Democratic strategists are not ashamed of their strategy; they think these policies can be effective in helping them retain Congress in the November elections.

Dems Happy With Controversial Election Tactics

Speaking to CNN’s Jim Acosta, veteran political strategist James Carville defended his party’s smear campaign against Republicans.

Acosta questioned Carville about why Democrats are helping extremist Republican candidates in their primary elections to ensure their presence in the midterm elections. 

According to Acosta, Democrats are pushing hard to let extremist Republicans win so they can easily be defeated in the upcoming elections.

The CNN anchor added if voters still decide in favor of Republicans, many “conspiracy theorists” and “election deniers” will end up occupying the important offices of the country.

While Acosta accused Democrats of “playing with fire,” Carville disagreed with him.

Instead, Carville suggested the only goal of a campaign is to win the next elections; so “it (the political campaign) acts in its own interest.”

Carville further noted there is no “ethical or moral problem” in manipulating Republican primary elections, so this strategy should not be undermined.

Likewise, the Democratic strategist asserted only the “pontifical class” have an objection to this strategy, as the DCCC has to do everything to win the elections.

Dems Have Nothing to Campaign on For Midterm Elections

Different mainstream media networks have criticized Democrats for using controversial election strategies to win the November elections, which they are expected to lose otherwise.

In June, a Washington Post column slammed left-leaning “dark money groups” for calling “Trumpism” a threat to the United States and endorsing “Ultra MAGA candidates” for Republican primaries at the same time.

Carville also acknowledged this strategy can backfire at times, but political strategists have to do “stupid things from time to time.”

So, there is no harm in helping the Republicans select the “stupidest, goofiest” candidates for their midterm elections, Carville added. 

Acosta also played the clip of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who also claims Democrats should use below-the-belt tactics to win the midterm elections.

According to Pelosi, the Republican Party is going in the wrong direction, so it needs to be stopped by any possible means.

The Speaker noted the “contrast” between Democrats and Republicans is “so dramatic” that Democrats have to win the election in any condition, even if it means manipulating Republican primaries.

While Democrats are doing fundraising on highly partisan issues like abortion, they are using those funds to endorse far-right candidates.

Recently, DCCC launched a $425,000 ad that promotes a Trump-backed candidate, John Gibbs, for the House of Representatives.

However, some House Democrats are worried they are likely to face the consequences of this campaign in the long run.

They believe they are portraying Trump as a threat to American democracy; so endorsing a Trump-backed candidate will hurt their original campaign message.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.