Veteran Dems Voting Red in New York

Democratic gubernatorial candidate in New York, Kathy Hochul, is losing the support of voters ahead of a crucial next week election.

Even in the deep blue regions of New York, Republican candidate Lee Zeldin is managing to impress longtime Democratic voters, who can lead him to historical success in midterms.

Dems Losing Voters in NYC

New York is considered a deep blue state, but the voters of New York City have started turning towards the Republican Party just one week before the elections.

The New York Post did a survey in NYC and found voters who consider themselves Democrats are planning to vote red on November 8.

One voter, Phil Wong of NYC, who voted for Democrats for more than 30 years, claimed the Democrat Party isolated him with its progressive policies that are dangerous for residents of NYC and Asian Americans.

Wong immigrated to the United States from Hong Kong and is the president of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York (CACAGNY).

Although Wong is an educational activist as well, the new education policies of Democrats have urged him to vote for Republican candidates in this year’s election cycle.

According to Wong, the performance of children in school does not matter anymore since Democrats brought in their new educational policies that treat low and high performing students in the same way.

Furthermore, Wong believes the surging wave of crime in NYC is also one of the most important reasons why longtime Democrats are looking to vote for Zeldin in the gubernatorial election.

Wong also claimed moderate Democrats are leaving the party in great numbers, adding the condition of NYC was appreciable under Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani, but Bill De Blasio destroyed everything.

Under the former mayor, Wong added, families were free to go outside and spend their time in nearby parks, but they are unable to do that nowadays, due to the rising wave of crime.

Longtime Democrats Fed Up With Rising Crime in New York

Another longtime Democratic couple, John Schaffer and Luz, also told the New York Post they would vote for Zeldin in next week’s elections. The couple previously cast their votes for Democratic candidates.

John noted he has to accompany his wife to her work if she has to travel in the dark, due to the rising crime in NYC.

Apart from that, John asserted Democrats have become corrupt in every way possible, which is one of the reasons he will not vote for Hochul anymore.

Similarly, Lucy Hensle, a Venezuelan immigrant who voted for Democrats in the past, acknowledged that people who claim Democratic policies saved the United States do not make any sense.

Hensle added she moved to the US with her husband and got financial success here without any government support.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.