Vice President Kamala Harris’ Climate Change Speech Gaffe: A Freudian Slip or a Misstep?

In a society where politicians are mere puppets, the truth is often swept under the rug.

This was evident when Vice President Kamala Harris made a blunder during her speech at Coppin State University in Baltimore, Maryland.

She seemed to suggest that reducing the population would lead to cleaner air and water. The White House quickly jumped into damage control mode, insisting that Harris meant to say “pollution” instead of “population.”

The Underlying Question

This raises an important question. Why is it considered a mistake when Harris talks about population reduction in 2023, but when Bill Gates discussed the same topic in 2010, his words were hailed as wisdom?

Gates, in his 2010 TED Talk, openly called for population reduction as a key factor in achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

It’s no secret that climate alarmists advocate for a smaller global population. Influential figures like Dennis Meadows, co-author of the influential book “The Limits to Growth”, have argued for a drastically reduced global population.

Henry Kissinger, in his 1974 document known as “The Kissinger Report”, called for significant reductions in the population of third-world countries to allow the West to continue exploiting their resources.

A Hidden Agenda?

So, when Kamala Harris echoes these sentiments, albeit accidentally, why is it dismissed as a gaffe?

It’s clear that the Biden administration supports the United Nations and World Economic Forum’s depopulation agenda. This includes combating climate change by reducing the number of livestock and humans on the planet.

Fox News, playing the role of controlled opposition, assures us that Harris simply misspoke. Though isn’t it their job to question the narrative, to push back against the status quo?

Instead, they seem content to play along with the charade, offering just enough resistance to maintain the illusion of opposition.

In conclusion, we must not disregard Harris’s slip of the tongue.

It’s a glimpse into the true agenda of those in power, one that aligns with the globalist goal of population reduction. We must remain vigilant and question the narratives presented to us, even if they come from sources we’re supposed to trust.