VP Kamala Harris Visits DMZ North Korea Missile Launches

In her remarks at the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) on the Korean Peninsula on Thursday, Vice President Kamala Harris made the grave error of referring to “the Republic of North Korea” as part of the United States’ “strong partnership.”

Harris Claims Relationship is Solid

She continued, “It is a relationship that is reliable and long-lasting,” referring to South Korea, which is officially known as the Republic of Korea.

After that, the vice president declared the United States supported South Korea’s resistance to the North Korean government’s escalating aggression.

Harris added, “I cannot emphasize enough that the United States’ dedication to the protection of the Republic of Korea is inexhaustible. We are going to produce every exertion to make sure it means everything that the terms propose.”

On her diplomatic tour to Asia, Harris made her ultimate destination at the heavily defended DMZ, a demilitarized zone that divides North and South Korea.

As per White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, the visit to the DMZ is intended to demonstrate America’s “dedication” to regional stability.

Harris started her trip by saying hello to American servicemen and servicewomen at the Camp Bonifas Dining Facility. She looked through her binoculars to the 2.5-mile wide and 160-mile long DMZ.

The vice president next traveled to Observation Post Ouellette where she delivered a speech outlining her dedication to South Korea’s security. Harris visited South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol earlier on Thursday.

She commended the U.S.-South Korean relationship as a “linchpin of protection and prosperity” while also talking about a gender equity roundtable and South Korea’s economic and technical cooperation with the United States.

Kim Jong-Un Launches Missiles

The trip takes place the day after Kim Jong-Un provoked the region by launching a third ballistic missile into the sea from North Korea.

Throughout Harris’ time in Japan, the nation already shot two short-range ballistic missiles. Prior to President Biden’s visit to Seoul in June, North Korea made a comparable move by launching three missiles.

In a statement on Wednesday at United States Fleet Activities Yokosuka, a U.S. facility, Harris denounced North Korea’s “criminal ballistic missile agenda.”

Wednesday’s rocket launch by North Korea was “not exceptional,” according to Jean-Pierre, who also affirmed Harris will still visit the DMZ despite his comments.

She continued, “As you are aware, North Korea has a history of conducting these kinds of tests?”

On Thursday in Seoul, protestors from South Korea were spotted demonstrating about Harris’ visit close to the presidential office. Protesters opposing the partnership between the United States and South Korea carried masks with images of President Yoon and Harris on them.

Republicans also criticized Harris’ visit, saying she ignored the migrant situation at the border between the United States and Mexico. Harris flew back to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland from Osan Air Base, following her visit to the DMZ.