Walmart is Packing Up and Leaving Chicago

Walmart is interested in one thing: money. It’s not a political company and it doesn’t really care about the debates that are going on more widely in our culture.

It cares about selling to customers, stopping theft, and maximizing profits. With over 5,000 stores across the nation and a 2022 revenue of $573 billion, Walmart is doing a great job at delivering on the bottom line.

Though even Walmart had enough of woke blue cities that are full of crime. It is now closing down various stores in the Chicago area.

Adios Chicago

Walmart is closing 269 of its 5,000 stores worldwide, which will axe 16,000 jobs. This includes three Walmarts in Chicago.

You’d think that a major American city with all sorts of families and shoppers wouldn’t be somewhere to pack up and ditch, but Walmart feels differently. Taking a look at the numbers, you can see why.

Chicago’s population has gone down and its crime has gone up. That’s no mistake and the two are clearly linked. What’s worse from Walmart’s point of view is that the tax base is also going down for the past decade.

You combine that with a city run by woke jokers like Mayor Lori Lightfoot, politicians trying to push through cashless bail, and you have a recipe for all-out disaster.

The Exodus from the Windy City

Over 300,000 people have left the Windy City area in the past nine years; it’s only increasing. The city is increasingly full of homeless, drug addicts, crime, and random violent incidents and shootings.

“Chiraq” didn’t get its nickname by mistake; even though the city clearly has plenty of great folks left, it’s just nowhere near what it once was.

This is yet another Democrat-run city that’s gone from a once-great economic and cultural destination into a junk heap of criminal thuggery, drugs, and garbage.

None of this is happening by mistake and it’s no one person’s fault. At the same time, we can see a clear pattern emerge of Democrat-run cities and states emptying out as people head for greener pastures.

They know that leftist politicians are more interested in power and corrupt money laundering than in actually protecting or strengthening their states. It’s sad to see, but it’s the reality.

What’s Next For Walmart?

Closing up a few stores in Chicago is no big deal for Walmart, even though it represents hundreds of jobs and potentially thousands of indirect jobs lost in that city.

Walmart has many new markets to expand into and thrived during the pandemic, as well as after. They have nothing to worry about.

Their decision to leave Chicago behind in many locations should have Americans worried everywhere. If things don’t start turning around soon, many of our once-great cities will become ghost towns.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.