WaPo Lies about Trump’s Kids as Judge’s Daughter in Bed with Dems

An editor at The Washington Post falsely said former President Trump’s two eldest sons – Don Jr. and Eric – leaked online photographs of the daughter of the judge in their father’s newly launched trial.

More WaPo Manipulations

Last week, Manhattan’s woke prosecutor Alvin Bragg convinced a grand jury to indict the 45th president of the United States over a highly dubious story.

Namely, in 2016, the Trump campaign bribed a porn star, Stormy Daniels, not to expose an affair that the future president allegedly had with her a decade earlier.

After the former president was arraigned on Tuesday to much leftist fanfare, Washington Post editor Glenn Kessler incorrectly claimed that Trump’s sons exposed the daughter of Judge Juan Merchan, Timcast reported.

According to Kessler, who is also a chief writer at WaPo’s Fact Checker, both Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. posted photos of the judge’s child.

The WaPo editor argued that the photos were fully “irrelevant,” but the posts – of which he showed cropped screenshots – were designed to “intimidate” the judge in Trump’s trial.

Kessler added he didn’t want to share more images of Loren, Merchan’s daughter. The report points out the truth is quite different from what the leftist writer would have everyone believe.

That is, both Don Jr. and Eric Trump actually shared online articles from news outlets that contained images of the judge’s daughter.

Trump Trial Judge’s Daughter ‘in Bed’ with Biden-Harris

Donald Trump Jr. shared an article by Breitbart News, commenting on Loren’s business dealings with the Biden-Harris presidential campaign.

His brother, Eric Trump, also shared an article to that end, but from The Gateway Pundit, and stated the trial was “pre-arranged” and a horrifying case of “corruption.” He later deleted his tweet.

Both reports show that Loren Merchan worked for Kamala Harris’s 2020 presidential campaign. She presently is a partner and the president of Authentic Campaigns, a firm operating digital campaigns for Democrat politicians.

The firm’s clients feature the Biden-Harris campaign, Gavin Newsom for Governor, and Corey Booker’s Senate Campaign, among others.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.