War in Ukraine Has Surprising Impact on India

Next month, February 24th, will mark the one-year milestone since Russia invaded Ukraine. Russia has made all sorts of excuses for why it chose to attack a sovereign nation. Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, also believed that the war would last for a few days, at best.

However, the people of Ukraine aren’t backing down or ceding their country to Russia. A huge factor in Ukraine’s ability to defend its homeland has been financial aid and weapons provided by the United States and other western nations.

It goes without saying that the war in Ukraine is having a terrible impact on its own economy and even on Russia’s. Since Russia’s invasion, countless large companies and corporations have essentially ex-communicated the country and refused to do business there.

However, a lesser-known reality is the impact that Russia’s invasion is having on India, according to DNYUZ.

What the World Should Know About India

Unlike other countries, India is not scrambling to provide aid to Ukraine amid the invasion. Instead, India has shown a greater interest in gaining economic power and securing resources at a lower expense.

Foreign minister of India S. Jaishankar has even suggested that the war waged by Russia is causing the West’s influence on the United States to wane as a whole. He’s not alone in this view, either.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, Putin’s been taking various verbal shots at the West, including making open threats about the West’s involvement in assisting Ukraine.

Meanwhile, India remains on the verge of dethroning China as the nation with the world’s greatest population. It is for this reason that India is interested in making sure it benefits from the conflict (and the aftermath) going on between Russia and Ukraine.

The Global Economy

Despite India currently playing its cards close to the vest, the war between Ukraine and Russia is certainly having very real impacts on the global economy.

For one thing, the supply chain has taken some hits. Resources that Ukraine produced before are more challenging to come upon, amid the nation fighting off invaders.

Meanwhile, Putin has taken to severely limiting the supply of oil that goes to certain European nations. This year will determine whether or not the war comes to an end before 2024. It will also reveal the decisions that various world leaders make in response to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

One thing is very clear, however. Putin is not going to give up this war by his own volition. Outside forces will have to do it for him, one way or another.

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This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.