War with China is Imminent

An invasion of Taiwan’s air defense identification zone by Chinese airplanes happened over the weekend. Following this, a Chinese communist government-run publication warned war with China and countries that support Taiwan, such as the United States, might be “initiated at any time.”

The communist paper wrote the following: the calm that prevailed in the region only just a few years ago has all but vanished; DPP officials now publicly refer to PLA aircraft as “enemy aircraft.”

They’ve made assertions they’re at the vanguard of the so-called democratic globe in fighting “autocratic government” on a regular basis. The strategic cooperation between the US and Japan, as well as the DPP officials, is getting more daring.

Meanwhile, the scenario from across the Taiwanese Sears is teetering on the brink of a confrontation, producing a feeling of panic that the conflict may be sparked at any time.

The Global Times cautioned “the separatist elements on the island would never be given independence from Taiwan from China under any name or by any means.” They also said “the island will never be permitted to operate as an outpost of the US’ strategic blockade against China.”

The Global Times reported, “the curtain of preparation for a complete military struggle by the Chinese mainland has plainly been drawn open. On the Chinese mainland, it has gradually become the new majority public opinion that the mainland should undertake serious preparations based on the probability of battle.”

Can China Win a War Against America and her Allies?

No. The Chinese military grows from strength to strength year after year; no one can doubt that. Yet, at the moment, China would be hard-pressed to take out Taiwan on its own.

Should China launch an aggressive strike against Taiwan, the island’s defenses are more than adequate to stop several waves of Chinese invaders. The big question is this: what percentage of the Chinese military is prepared to commit to this task?

Should they commit 100% of their Armed Forces, they run the risk of exposing their flanks to Taiwan’s allies. Are the Chinese prepared to risk losing their military just for the sake of a small island?

The Chinese Paper Continued:

“If the US and DPP officials do not take action to change the current scenario, the Chinese region’s military retaliation for ‘Taiwan autonomy’ secessionist forces will be unleashed at some point,” the article stated. This warning will show to be more than a rhetorical threat as time passes.

The Daily Mail reported, “almost 150 communist aircraft have entered Taiwan’s territory since Friday. This included 56 jets on Monday in a stunning escalation of Chinese aggression against the self-governing democracy.”

“I’ve spoken with Xi about Taiwan,” President Biden remarked on Tuesday. “We agree…and we’ll follow the Taiwan agreement.”