The chances that “World War III” may break out – and soon – may be increasing.

The top official of NATO, the US-led military alliance of western nations, warned the war that Putin’s Russia is waging against Ukraine could spill out of that nation’s borders.

Nothing Like West Has Seen in Eight Decades

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has already become the biggest war in Europe since World War II.

Instead of conquering Ukraine in no time and restoring the Soviet empire, as Putin hoped, Russia found itself on the retreat, suffering devastating losses of nearly 20,000 military equipment units and over 93,000 troops killed in combat.

The ferocious resistance of the Ukrainian defenders has been heavily aided by the US and other western supplies of top-notch weapons.

This is allowing Ukraine to gain the upper hand in the war since July, even as Moscow keeps committing greater and greater resources and manpower to the conflict.

Speaking in an interview on Friday, Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary-General of NATO, issued a grave warning that the Russia-Ukraine war may “spin out of control” and involve other nations.

That includes the possibility of a NATO-Russia war, which would practically mean “World War III” and could even escalate into a nuclear war threatening to annihilate humanity.

Putin Teases ‘Disarming Strike’ Against West

In his interview for Norwegian TV NRK, as cited by AP, Stoltenberg, a former Prime of Norway, said if it so happened that “things go wrong” and the Ukraine war spilled over, that may mean they could “go horribly wrong.”

Apart from his warning about the likelihood of a “major war” between Russia and NATO, the alliance chief insisted western nations were “working every day” in order to “avoid that.”

He also noted there was “no doubt” about the big risks Putin’s Ukraine invasion could “involve more countries” and turn into a “full-fledged war in Europe.”

International analysts have been pointing out the West faced that risk anyway. If Putin had overwhelmed Ukraine, he wouldn’t have stopped there and attacked other nations to try to establish Russian dominance over Europe and Eurasia.

That, in turn, may have morphed into a deadly threat to the United States.

Moscow’s propaganda machine of lies has been accusing western nations of sparking the war even since before Putin invaded. The Russian tyrant and his minions have been fuming that the West is supplying Ukraine with arms to defend itself and, by extension, the entire free world.

Before Stoltenberg’s interview, Putin declared he might be considering a “disarming strike” – although he didn’t specify against whom. The atrocious dictator, however, compared it to the concept of a “preemptive strike,” thus hinting it could be targeting western nations.

Even if Russia’s nuclear arsenal is considered, though, the Ukraine war has demonstrated the Russian military capabilities in a direct conflict with NATO could be questionable.


This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.