“Warp Speed” Coronavirus Vaccine Concerning to Americans

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Amid negative aftermath from coronavirus and subsequent shutdowns, politicians and health “experts” continue to tout a vaccination as the end-all. These officials maintain that a vaccine for coronavirus will arrive at “warp speed” and allow for a return back to normal life.

Despite the rosy picture being painted about a vaccination for COVID-19, many Americans have concerns. Some of these concerns deal with whether or not people in power will attempt to force Americans into taking a vaccine for coronavirus; others believe that politicians and the healthcare community will use COVID-19 vaccination as a requirement for participation in society.


However, another common concern deals with the speed of production. As explained by Washington Examiner, there are many people with serious reservations regarding the overall safety of the forthcoming coronavirus vaccine.

A Closer Look at Reservations About the COVID-19 Vaccination

Like all vaccinations, a coronavirus vaccine comes with the risk of injury, harm, or even death. For this reason, Americans are eager to know that chemicals injected into their bodies will be tested for any potential negative side effects.

Individuals on both sides of the aisle have expressed concerns about a vaccine that is “rushed to market.” However, Democrats are likelier than Republicans to say they will get the vaccine; meanwhile, roughly half of Americans right now are willing to commit to receiving a vaccination for coronavirus when it arrives.

Multiple Doses?

Another element of the coronavirus vaccine is the real possibility that multiple doses may be necessary in order to maximize effectiveness.

This, too, has placed many Americans on edge. Not everyone feels comfortable with repeated shots; although, some people have expressed a willingness to take the number of vaccines deemed as necessary by health officials.

At this time, the vaccine for coronavirus still remains in production. Health officials are anticipating that the vaccination will be ready for the general public by the end of this year or in early 2021.

President Trump himself has expressed positive sentiment about the coronavirus vaccine, even stating that he’d be “first in line” to take it. Trump furthermore maintains that the vaccination should be available to Americans at “warp speed.”

Would you be willing to take multiple doses of a vaccine for coronavirus? Do you believe this vaccine is being rushed to market? Let us know where your stand on all this in the comments section below!