Warren: Bloomberg “Not Going to Be” Democrat Nominee

"Michael Bloomberg" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

On Wednesday night’s debate stage, 2020 Democrat Elizabeth Warren wasted no time in slamming Mike Bloomberg.

The ninth primary debate came on the heels of multiple controversies regarding the latter’s campaign strategies, past remarks, and treatment of female employees. Warren took aim at Bloomberg on multiple occasions, noting his talk of throwing male minority youth up against walls and legally binding women who work for him with nondisclosure agreements.

While being destroyed by not only Warren, but also Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, Bloomberg was visibly shaken. His nerves and lack of comfort were written all over his face; although, the Las Vegas debate didn’t mark the conclusion of censure against him.

Yesterday, Warren further spoke out against the former New York City mayor, declaring that he won’t win the Democrat Party’s nomination, as documented by Fox News.

Reviewing Warren’s Latest Comments on Bloomberg

When convening with supporters in North Las Vegas, the 2020 Democrat professed that going after Bloomberg was “a lot of fun for her.”

She then continued, branding Bloomberg as the “riskiest” and “most vulnerable” candidate to run against President Trump in the general election. These talking points were espoused by others on the debate stage who didn’t hesitate to bring up Bloomberg’s aforementioned controversies.

Going into further detail, Warren also confessed that ensuring Americans “got a little closer look at Mayor Bloomberg” motivated her criticisms against him on Wednesday night. Finally, the senator wrapped up her remarks, noting that her campaign is “just getting started” and declaring that Bloomberg ultimately won’t win the party’s nomination.

A Response from Bloomberg?

At this time, Bloomberg has not directly responded to the intense attacks from Warren. Instead, he’s attempting to conduct damage control by censuring other candidates, namely Bernie Sanders.

No matter what Bloomberg claims or how much money he spends on spreading misinformation via ads, it won’t change the events of Wednesday. Americans on both sides of the aisle are in agreement that the former mayor had an awful night and debated very poorly.

Bloomberg’s millions will not erase the memories of people across the country, although the 2020 Democrat will undoubtedly give it his best shot by spending more money on bogus ads.

What do you think about Elizabeth Warren’s predictions? Will Mike Bloomberg truly be stopped from buying his way into the Democrat nomination? Let us know what you foresee in the comment section below!