Warren Roasts “Not Tall” Mike Bloomberg

"Elizabeth Warren" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Mike Bloomberg bit off way more than he could chew when he entered the 2020 presidential election. Since his inception as a Democrat candidate, Bloomberg has repeatedly taken heat for his past remarks, treatment of female workers, and current campaign strategies. The former mayor’s decision to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on disinformation ads hasn’t helped his case either.

Following Bloomberg’s dishonest ads about President Trump, the latter coined him with the nickname “Mini Mike.” Now, it turns out that Trump isn’t the only one who has taken a crack at Bloomberg’s modest height.

New York City Mayor Joins General Assemb by United Nations Photo, on Flickr

New York City Mayor Joins General Assemb” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by United Nations Photo

Over the weekend, Warren spoke about Bloomberg, branding him as a threat to Democrats, as documented by Washington Examiner. However, in stigmatizing the former New York City mayor as a threat, Warren made sure to reiterate that while Bloomberg is a “big threat,” he’s not a “tall one.”

A Closer Look at Warren’s Assessment of Bloomberg

Warren’s censure of Bloomberg occurred on Saturday when she spoke to her supporters in Seattle, Washington. Before slamming the 2020 Democrat for his attempts to buy his way into the nomination, Warren cited Bloomberg as a big, yet “not tall” threat to Democrat candidates who are following more orthodox methods of campaigning.

Warren’s criticism of Bloomberg’s height not only mirrors that of Trump’s, but also comes in a series of ongoing attacks. After challenging Bloomberg during the ninth Democrat debate, the Massachusetts senator stated the next day that she enjoyed herself. Thus far, there’s no indication that Warren plans to ease up on her criticism of Bloomberg anytime soon.

Reactions from Mike Bloomberg

Thus far, Bloomberg has declined to respond to Warren and match her intensity against him. Instead, the businessman is focusing on Bernie Sanders as his target; this decision is likely prompted by Sanders’ victories in the Nevada caucus and the New Hampshire primary.

The socialist also comes in at second place in South Carolina’s latest poll, hence Bloomberg’s eagerness to knock him down a few pegs.

Bloomberg’s attacks against Sanders are unlikely to harbor lasting impacts. The socialist senator is beating out candidates who are doing much better than Bloomberg; however, Americans shouldn’t be shocked if Sanders responds to the former mayor with the same energy that the latter plans to dish out.

What do you think about Elizabeth Warren taking a page from President Trump’s book? How poorly do you think Mike Bloomberg will do at the upcoming Democrat debate? Sound off in the comments section below!