Warren’s Pandering to Black Voters Isn’t Working Well for Her…

The Democrat Party is infamously known for their pandering to minority voters. Americans have witnessed this time and time again; Hillary Clinton once stated that she had “hot sauce in her bag” and 2020 Democrat Joe Biden has repeatedly put his foot in his mouth during attempts to pander to voters of color.

In typical leftist fashion, Warren has continued the trend of poor outreach to black voters, only reports from the Washington Examiner indicate that the pandering isn’t working very well for her. Clinton College, a historically black college, hosted Warren’s most recent town hall; however, Warren’s audience did not contain the racial diversity which she’s tried to generate amongst her base of supporters.

A Closer Look at Warren’s Attempt to Connect with Black Voters

During Warren’s time in South Carolina, she proceeded with her campaign and shared her thoughts on African-American voters. According to Warren, black women have been the “backbone” of the Democrat Party. She then claimed that she’s leading a “grassroots movement” in order to “fix” what she views as broken.

In Warren’s own words:

“African American women have really been the backbone of the Democratic Party for generations now. They get out there and they fight for people. What I’m doing is showing up and trying to talk to people about why I’m in this fight, about what’s broken, about how to fix it, and how we’re building a grassroots movement to get it done.”

Every Election Season…

Democrats are good at pandering to various groups of Americans when they want to get into office. Each election season, they come around with fancy soundbites and grand promises, but once elections are over, it all vanishes. More and more people from all background are catching onto this tired, old pattern.

What Warren is attempting to do here is no different. At the end of the day, she’s just another Democrat who wants to get elected and she knows that the minority vote is imperative to fulfilling her political aspirations. The Democrat Party, as a collective, does not promote policies which are advantageous to the success of any demographic in America.

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