Washington D.C. on Edge as Biden Inauguration Approaches

"170120-D-PB383-040" (CC BY 2.0) by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Heated political rhetoric and tensions led to egregious displays of violence earlier this month. Americans are aware of the incident that took place on Capitol Hill nearly one week and a half ago; it’s dominated national news and led to a series of negative aftermath, especially for conservatives.

“170120-D-PB383-024” (CC BY 2.0) by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

With Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration ceremony four days away, law enforcement is on high alert. Thousands of National Guard troops have been called into D.C.; meanwhile, Secret Service and additional law enforcement groups are working around the clock to ensure the inauguration goes off without any problems.

Although Capitol Hill is being heavily guarded and protected, Washington Examiner explains that there are concerns about other places in D.C., especially the downtown area.

A Community on Edge

After last week’s attack at the U.S. Capitol, law enforcement groups are working to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again. After the riots on January 6, the FBI warned in a memo that additional violent attacks are being planned.

The concern of D.C. residents is that if buildings like Capitol Hill are impossible to reach, then riots and other forms of destruction may simply be carried out elsewhere. Bill Johnson, the executive director for the National Association of Police Organizations, has stated the necessity for preparation and vigilance to remain at very high levels.

Other law enforcement leaders are warning that threat levels remain very high. Individuals seeking to commit violence, especially in groups, are hard to stop ahead of time; hence, usually, if one area (such as Capitol Hill) can’t be reached, then other places become the new targets.

An Abundance of Safety Precautions

For the sake of everyone’s safety, Americans are being urged not to attend Biden’s inauguration in person. The inaugural ceremony will be live-streamed online and law enforcement shall surround the premises while Biden is sworn into office.

Moreover, Washington D.C. remains under an emergency declaration; this declaration will extend beyond January 20 and is designed to provide law enforcement will the necessary resources to beef up security.

Multiple individuals who participated in rioting and storming Capitol Hill on the 6th have been arrested and will face the appropriate charges.

Do you think more violence will occur in Washington D.C. as the nation prepares for Joe Biden’s inauguration? Are you concerned about any riots at state capitols over the weekend? Share your feedback about the latest news with us in the comments section below.